Baby choking milk, so do it right!

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Baby choking milk, so do it right!

2016-07-21 01:02:56 1373 ℃

When the baby choking milk, a lot of mothers who are at a loss, not the correct treatment may have unexpected consequences. Look at these, learn science and reasonable to deal with the problem of the child choking milk!

Before we can teach you, let's figure out what is choking on the milk.

What should be done when the baby is choking with milk?

1. To observe the baby can not hurry to solve the choke milk problem, should first observe the baby's crying and complexion, if the baby did not cry and pale purple, which means that the baby is a very dangerous situation, give the baby to do initial cardiopulmonary resuscitation at the same time should immediately call 120 for help.

2. Postural drainage if quite is light degree of choking milk (just cough without pale purple), at this time should be the baby's face to the side, with an empty palm pat your baby's back.

If the milk choke degree heavy (pale purple), at this time, should let the baby lying on the legs of adults, upper body leaning forward 45-60 degrees and hard to beat back 4-5 times, to intratracheal milk draining out.

Choking back to commonly used percussion.

. removal of foreign bodies in the mouth with clean gauze wrapped around a finger (emergency with a clean handkerchief or wet paper towels can be) extends into the baby's mouth, the milk clean, avoid baby sucking milk again by inhalation of the trachea. Don't forget to check the nasal passages! If there is residual liquid milk nasal, clean cotton swab gently. Remember, first clean the mouth, and then clear the nasal cavity.

4 again observed after the above treatment, once again to observe the baby's situation. If this time baby crying loudly, rose red face, baby respiratory tract is unobstructed, no big AI; if the baby is crying but the voice is weak, you can use pinch feet method let the baby cried out, forced to cry at the same time can with pulmonary gas will milk liquid out of the airway, airway patency was restored; if at this time the baby did not cry, bruising to the face that choking may exist, should immediately give the baby to do artificial respiration, and call 120 emergency.

After the treatment, if the baby is the face, it is basically out of danger.

With the choking milk response measures, we come to talk about how to avoid choking milk.

How to avoid choking milk?

1. Not in the baby too hungry when feeding when the baby was hungry feeding, your baby will because feeding too much in a hurry, produce milk choking risk.

2. Control the amount of milk if the breast fed baby, before breastfeeding mothers should breast examination up milk and row milk, if too much milk, available thumb and middle finger pressing around the areola, control the quantity of milk to avoid milk Chong was too bad cause baby milk choke. A feeding time control in 20 minutes.

Don't lie to avoid feeding the emulsion into the ear canal.

3 don't let the baby suck the baby supine because the stomach is immature, it is easy to make the milk liquid milk lying back into the trachea. Baby when the upper body should be reclined.

4. Don't interfere with the baby milk feeding your baby don't interference. At this time the baby amused, baby laughing when the trachea opened, it is prone to choke milk. The same token, also do not in the baby crying when feeding.

Do not make children laugh when feeding, may be dangerous.

5. The baby sucking observe because there are some choking milk is silent, so when the baby sucking, parents should pay attention to observe its breath, face and expression, discovered in a timely manner, timely treatment will soon be out of danger.

See these, presumably mothers are aware of, and a reasonable way to deal with and avoid the baby choking milk is not difficult!