Parents must know: ten strokes right brain skills development of children

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Parents must know: ten strokes right brain skills development of children

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As we all know, the child before the age of six right brain is the most active, most children before the age of 6 in the thinking of things mainly to the right as the center. So in order to make their own more intelligent children, parents can do to the all-round development of children right? Don't worry, the following Xiaobian introduce ten strokes right brain development of children of small skills, I hope to help you parents.

One, learning music

Music can be developed right brain, especially has great influence on the development of children's right of classical music. Listen to the piano when the child with his left hand to imitate the sound of piano posture, listening to the violin when you can let the child imitate the appearance of the string. Or in the daily life for the children to create a music environment, let the children exposure to music around, to accept the influence of music.

Two, the ability to cultivate the feeling of painting

The right brain has the ability to feel the painting. Let the children to practice painting, to cultivate their ability to observe. In their spare time, parents can take their children to visit the exhibition, art exhibition, bonsai exhibition, etc., let the children enjoy the appreciation, improve the aesthetic ability. And compared with the children's graffiti is a very good on the right brain exercise, the child can through visual experience, hands-on ability, verbal description, language comprehension, etc. to stimulate the right brain intelligence development.

Three, do whatever housework

Usually, the mother can intentionally be a mess, and then invited the children together. At the beginning of the children can not tell the types of garbage, not wiping the table with a cloth and so on. But it does not matter, the mother can be patient to guide the child, as long as a few times to teach the child will be better and better.

Four, to participate in physical exercise

Right hemisphere activation in the movement of image perception and cells faster than the rest more. Every day the child jump half an hour of Disco aerobic gymnastics, table tennis, badminton etc., in boxing, or exercises consciously make action of left hand repeat a few more, can be appropriate to stimulate the brain.

Five, tell a story to the children

The fairy tale is the best method of thinking in images ability development. Children when listening to the story, will involuntarily will own substitution into the story to, the mind will Lenovo launched the story of the characters, scenes and so on, can well promote the development of graphic thinking ability of right brain.

Six, the ability to recognize the training space

Parents can often change a child's environment, for example, to send children in kindergarten can intentionally change the route; and children playing hide and seek game; children to see pictures of part of the body of an animal, let the children guess the animal, and spell out other parts where; father and mother in the table put a pile of toys, let the children through the visual determine the number of toys and so on. In addition, to teach children to play chess can also exercise the right brain development.

Seven, with children shopping mall

With the children together go to the mall is another effective way to right brain development of children, to cultivate children comprehensive range of knowledge and judgment ability. In shopping malls, parents can teach children to pick their own things of interest, but also to teach children how to choose according to the price of bread or fruit and so on.

Eight, finger training

Let the children try with his left hand to cut things, grasping toys, playing marbles and so on, use left hand can exercise your child nerve reflex, promote brain development; let the children close their eyes, with the left hand practice of writing and drawing, can enhance the finger flexibility; tinkering with intelligence toys, shoot the ball, abacus, doing finger exercises and other activities can finger exercise flexibility; playing with blocks, plasticine is conducive to the cultivation of practical ability; often let children use alternating left and right, can better development of the brain.

Nine, crawling and combing

At ordinary times with a comb or a finger on behalf of the comb to comb their hair, especially the right hair, strengthen the right side of the scalp to stimulate, accelerate the blood circulation of the scalp. In addition, crawling can also train the child's sense of balance and exercise capacity.

Ten, puzzle toys

Mainly, pincha toys, games and other activities in the form of assembly, is one of the best tools for brain development. Also let the children play imagination, guess map puzzle computer game, can also be a good way to exercise the child's right brain.

The above ten strokes have tips on child brain development, parents remember?

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