A male baby fast birth! Too painful birth, it is a woman's life unforgettable day!

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A male baby fast birth! Too painful birth, it is a woman's life unforgettable day!

2016-07-21 14:36:29 374 ℃

When it comes to birth, many mothers are a bit scared, even have experienced birth mother. This is the most memorable day in a woman's life. Not only because of the pain, but also because to meet their own birth of a small life.

Mama is brave and great. The pain of childbirth experience to see their healthy and lovely baby, I think is worth it. Today and share my experience of birth.

Due to the baby is very calm, there is no sign of a point. 39 4 to production inspection, amniotic fluid index 85, the lowest standard 80, the doctor let a few days to check, 40 2 to check into a 75. The doctor directly open the list of hospitalization, go with her husband and mother day, go home to take good labor package, hospital! At that time around the neck a week, the placenta 2, only a little basin. The doctor gave a 3 day hospital: 1 caesarean section is not recommended, if not successful caesarean birth. 2 and so on, but if the amniotic fluid continues to become less, the baby has the risk of intrauterine hypoxia. 3 birth, recommendation, let me make long contractions, good baby out.

We decided to oxytocin, because your baby start, really do not know as I have to wait until the time?? In case of amniotic fluid is less, even if there is no oxygen, it is not a good thing to live. We have not resistance to laparotomy, but the doctor says that not had a little regret, I decided to try! No into the basin, no confidence. Birth on the first day, the doctor, I was not opened, the palace was completely open, pain, but can endure, after all, is 3.5 seconds of things. The day put a balloon dilatation of the cervix, soften the cervix, put the time of pain, pain! Very resistant, no way to endure, at that time, said the first time, or else I split it.

Put 24 hours, during the period of the pubic bone is very painful, the toilet is not convenient, the pain of 4 hours, it stopped, the white pain. The doctor said this was a prelude to the birth of a needle. The next day to fight birth needle, said the doctor, people on the health, people did not respond, most test 3 days, no laparotomy to treat the delivery room injections so as not to be from ward up to less, so that the families ready good baby born small clothes. Mom was very excited to get back to the room, I was saying that there is no need to prepare, I feel the birth of a role for me will not have any effect! I hold such in the heart, in the husband's accompany go to the labour room. At 11 o'clock in the tie, 1 began to pain, 4 before the pain can endure, my husband and I did not feel will, we all feel carrying is very calm nazha, said her husband to her home to take rice.