Born male female and professional relationship between these industries are more likely to have a girl

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Born male female and professional relationship between these industries are more likely to have a girl

2016-07-21 14:36:33 328 ℃

Although we now advocate equality between men and women, we do not care about the new era of boys and girls. But still can not help but wonder, the mystery of the birth of boys and girls in the relationship, there are a lot of talk about the relationship between the occupation and the birth of boys and girls.

Saying a: deep sea divers have a girl

Statistics show that men engaged drivers, pilots, anesthesia practitioners, deep-sea divers and other professional, the chances of a girl students are particularly high. Because greater job pressures, testicular received pressure, temperature or pressure varies strongly influence or inhaling too much toxic anaesthetic gas, life weak Y sperm will first X sperm die and corresponding and improve the probability of girl students.

Statement two: love the work of a girl

A higher probability of engaged in the work of the boy's life, such as insurance professionals, architects, and management consultant. Because this type of work requires us to have a meticulous and transcendent judgment. In the dietitian, child care, the nurses in this industry and business nature decided they need love, usually born is a girl. Survey data: usually the proportion of male and female infants is 105, studies show, system engineer and other workers in the sex industry, the proportion of children is 140:100. While engaged in the profession of nursing is 100:135.

Saying three: soldiers, astronauts have girls

Scientific research found that strong character, the full spirit of man, daughter of the probability than other men's professional high two times. Such as police, soldiers and astronaut. On the contrary, those rich feelings, gentle artists, literati and gentle than strong men, however, are more likely to be the boy's father.

Statement four: IT boys and girls

Have people think it industry because the face of the computer for a long time, easy to suffer from various radiation and long-term and sedentary, influence blood circulation, the influence of the testicular capacity, reduce sperm quality and motility of Y sperm survival time shorter than X sperm, in activity weakening, Y sperm will to die. Lead to X sperm is easy to conceive, girl students.

Statement four: pressure pressure niche boy, girl

Work pressure is too large, the body burden is overweight, the human body is acidic, is not conducive to the Y sperm survival. Lead to like acidic X sperm to fertilize girl students. Therefore, work pressure of small boys, pressure to give birth to girls. From another point of view. This is humoral acid-base affect students a male or a female. Acid to give birth to girls, alkaline, a boy. Therefore, it is people according to the point of physical conditioning, such as eating alkaline foods such as probiotic alkali, lemon, grape, kelp the alkaline food, basic physical conditioning to help give birth to a boy.