A drop of oil, the entire mosquito died, for the baby quickly collection!

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A drop of oil, the entire mosquito died, for the baby quickly collection!

2016-07-21 15:05:31 357 ℃

The temperature is getting up, and the mosquito is getting up? According to the introduction, you only need a drop of sesame oil (sesame oil), can be anti mosquito. Dear readers may wish luck.

This afternoon to help his son to buy a pair of shoes boss looked at his son's feet:

How so much red bean ice

I have no choice but to say that the mosquito is really a lot of oh

Every mosquito repellent on the market to sell that is natural

But the inside is still a number of chemical ingredients

Although I have bought a bottle, but in the end is not in use

The boss has to offer me one of the most natural and safe way.

He said, they often go climbing what, the mountains of mosquitoes

howeverJust drop a drop of sesame oil on your hands,

Two hands wipe,

Tapping on the baby's hands and feet

No oil on the back of the work, but the taste of sesame oil,

Gently pat on the baby's face

Climb a mountain down, mosquitoes are far away oh oh

I listened to this way after a very happy home test to see

The sesame oil in the hands of his son and his face,

Take a chance to go to the park

Oh wow...

Actually found that there are 3 mosquitoes have always wanted to bite his son

But only dare to fly around

Son side of Russia as if a layer of protective cover

The mosquito is still flying for 5 minutes.

But that's not close.

Finally ran to bite me this in the side of the test mummy, because I did not rub, really useful!

Good happy Oh, at the moment to get a small bottle, carry, and as long as a drop of sesame oil oh.

Do not get a little oil on the body,

And there is a fragrant sesame oil flavor

That was the most natural way of mosquito peace

It's a carry on.

And not to spend money to buy oh...

The test itself is very effective, the other told you treasure momMosquito bites can be put on the premises through mosquito bites of garlicSoon it will not itch, under the heart is also fast!

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