Rescue announced the death of the baby, the mother was holding in her arms was actually a miracle

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Rescue announced the death of the baby, the mother was holding in her arms was actually a miracle

2016-07-21 15:05:31 385 ℃

A lot of people say children is their parents wish their parents love crystallization. However, each of the parents are children hope can perhaps health Enron grew up, but sometimes always backfire. A couple Kate and David spent many years trying to have a baby, when they finally gave birth to twins was not measured.

Twins in a baby just born lost heartbeat and breathing, the doctor first aid for more than 20 minutes after the promulgation of the law: abandon, sad Kate the child in her arms, unexpectedly the monuments.

That the child died, Kate and David beishangyujue. Did not expect this child to live over, and become very healthy. They named their baby Jamie, hoping to give him the last hint of warmth.

Kate let David also came to the bed, they hold the heart of the gradual disappearance of the child, I hope you can give him the last hint of warmth. Because they do not have the name of the child left, they gave the child named Jamie. The legal two people grief, arms Jamie suddenly have action, his breathing and heartbeat becomes more and more intense. Medical staff immediately rushed to the emergency, finally let him out of danger.

Did not expect Jamie in the mother's arms, I ran a heartbeat, after first aid survived. Jamie is already 5 years old, had not had the appearance of the weak. He thinks that the adventure of the first birth is like a dream.

Now little Jamie is 5 years old, he is very healthy, life is very happy, just like all the popular children. If no one mention the environment at birth, the master must have thought that he had such a thrilling experience. The twins are very cute.

According to the medical staff, it is likely that Jamie will Kate hold in the chest of action to save his life. Because for the newborn, and the mother of the skin and skin contact can relax. In her mother's arms, the baby will feel very safe, breathing and heartbeat is relatively easy to control, began after feeding, digestion speed will be faster.