After their parents divorced, the children drew a group of comics to touch the circle of friends

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After their parents divorced, the children drew a group of comics to touch the circle of friends

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Listen to recently bestie said her colleague Lili for divorce with her ex husband, now a child not to see her ex husband. Lily's ex husband has remarried, and lily with daughter always hidden bitterness to live, despite the ex husband several times repeatedly asked Lily to perform write divorce agreement, week to get his daughter and his father saw twice, but Lily find various reasons refused.

Lili in the office said: "why he wants to marry in front of me, I will not let him see his daughter, let him sad, daughter was his lifeline, I let him not be better than!" Girlfriends have several times to see Lily's daughter secretly weeping, privately and secretly asked her, she said she wanted to be a father, but did not dare tell mother said, because his mother didn't like her dad. But even more contradiction, friction, resentment in Lily and the father nor the power to deprive the children love ah, if you really love children, you should let him enjoy their rightful share of love, isn't it?

The divorce of parents is the same, but below a group of comic divorced parents but let children still feeling a fatherly motherly love, live happily.

Indonesia has a child named Azka. After the divorce of parents, he created the a group name for a breakdown of the family story comic. In the cartoon, we see his life after the divorce of parents, we in addition to impress Azka kind pure, sincere and, more touching the divorce of parents broad tolerance.

1, my name is Azka, the following cartoon is about a broken family story.

2, mom and Dad met after falling in love, and later they decided to have a baby.

3, I was born in June 4, 2006, my father and mother for my name is Azka.

4, before I was 6 years old, all the work is very good, we are a good family.

5, mom and dad began to have a lot of work on the quarrel, almost can not stand each other, so they decided to separate.

6, they will tell me, so I don't worry, don't choose to live with who.

7, I still live in the house, I found that my father is more fun than before, so I often let him play with me.

8, my mother lives in a very close to our house, almost every day to visit us.

9, they no longer quarrel, we are still a way to go shopping and travel overseas.

10, I often sleep with my father, because I am afraid of zombies, and my father is very powerful!

11, my mother often left to take care of me.

12, a lot of people ask me, living in such a broken family is how to feel.

13, but in fact there is nothing to break, just they are no longer each other's husband and wife, but still my mom and dad.

14, compared to the past, I prefer the present life, they no longer quarrel.

15, when people ask me, do I wish mom and dad compound, I said, "do not agree", because I hope they can be happy.

16, when you can still enjoy the love from Mom and Dad, this home is not a broken.

17. I love you, mom!

18. I love you, Dad!

19, I am very happy!

20. Thank you for being my best parent!

After reading this group of comics, what you will feel? If a couple have not fate life does not affect them to be good parents, but if narrow thoughts, styles in the heart is not enough, will not be able to give the child a complete love, lead to the child's character is not perfect. A pair of couples unable to continue life and suggested that from now on is a stranger, mature people will white just two people each other's fate, not under the same roof life fills, and children should still be each other to guardian angel, even separate also let the children know that mom and dad to his love never separate, his heart, O who is still intact, the home is not the main form, but love!