Mother will dress up, her husband's good fortune, but also the blessing of children

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Mother will dress up, her husband's good fortune, but also the blessing of children

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Will your mother dress up? Some people may say: my mother are so old age, but also dressed to see who? Several years later I hope my son turned supercilious but playfully replied: my mom too frustrating, it's a ripe woman! In fact, a woman will dress up, not only to make their own shine, full of confidence, and will have a very big impact on the people around.


The woman will dress up love

This is a time to look at the face ah.

I have a girlfriend, single, nicknamed "man woman", in accordance with the current fashion of the network, "88 year old woman", she is obviously middle-aged. Ten years short hair, a year of black and grey color of cool clothing, even if not whitewash, make a mask she had trouble. After more than her age, after a number of blind date, a little disheartened.

We advised her that you should dress yourself up. She has a face of disdain: if only love sexy bitch, that is false, I do not want such a man!

But, my dear, a woman will dress up to be more attractive.

We often say that the beautiful woman beautiful, beautiful enough to feast the eyes, this is richard. And the United States, is not in any stage.

25 years ago, perhaps by a woman looks pleasing to the eye, but after the age of 25 more on the dress, let oneself dignified, elegant style.

When Liu Shishi married, Liu mother accidentally boarded the hot search. A water blue cheongsam, slender, graceful atmosphere, there is a kind of behavior that depends on a sense of great lady. Even if a group of stars around, Liu mother still spike wedding many young girls.

Take a look at the queen of England, wherever she goes, she has a decent suit, and even the hat, brooch and clothes are perfect. Some people say that there is a kind of elegant called Elizabeth S. No wonder the 90 year old woman can be respected by everyone.

Even if the youth gone, dress to give a woman's temperament and gas field will make them unique, is the so-called beauty in the bone is not in the skin, it should be the truth.


Women who dress up make more money

I can't say oh. Economist Daniel Hamermesh wrote a book entitled "why beautiful people are more successful" book, which said: in all men and women, beautiful people, to earn more than average looking people 3-8%; for women, beautiful women, women than ordinary image to earn 11%.

And beautiful, in addition to appearance, body symmetry, height coordination, itself also includes a good temperament, unique taste and elegant style of conversation.

When I was a child, I remember a wonton restaurant near the door. Store is not big, the boss is a couple, the boss impressed me. Although every day Qizaotanhei busy, but every time I see her, wearing special fashion in dress, with light makeup, although she itself is not particularly beautiful, but smiled, but very good to hear or see people. Don't mention other men, even I such a little girl also can't bear to stay in the shop sit down a bowl of wonton.

The past few years, a small wonton shop business is very good, two couples also opened a branch, earn a lot of money. I heard, they later moved to Yunnan on a clear day.

Will dress up, really can make more money.

Now, because of my job, I've been in contact with some toy dealers. Sister Li is one of the most admired. Good looks, body compact, well dressed, smiling, you don't think she is a mother of three children, and the eldest son is 18 years old.

I asked her how she did it, and she said, "in your image, your attitude to life and work is hidden". Go to the gym, makeup classes, learning color match, see the musical...... life brings her confidence and beauty, but also let her work on 12 points of focus, so the workplace has received numerous favor.

Yes, many women will dress up, and they are not a born beauty, image management and strict internal cultivation on their own, so as to have the beauty from inside. So, as long as you manage your own beauty, will naturally win the chance of success, which is a return.


Mother will dress up, family happier

Some time ago, my circle of friends is Zhang Zilin gentle and warm heart to read poems shuabing. Under the lens, she is beautiful and elegant, elegant and calm. Friends address him: simply don't give other woman left alive!

A lot of people know that Zhang Zilin, not only because she is the first Chinese miss world, the United States can not be things, but also because she was a small school, from primary school to university, has maintained excellent academic performance. Yan Yan, said it was her.

But Zhang Zilin said, in addition to their own unique height advantage, more is the mother of their influence. Because her mother is a typical "appearance Association", to monitor her learning, but also strictly requested her external image.

One day, the mother and daughter go out together, if Zhang Zilin did not hit the foundation, did not apply lipstick, mother will tell her directly: you do not look good today.

Whether attending the event or the daily life, she always remembered the tall and straight posture and elegant deportment. Li Xiang once interviewed her: "you have been sitting gracefully, not tired?" She replied: have become accustomed to.

So, ah, how can there be a girl who will affect the performance of this kind of expression of love, but the parents do not have the correct guidance ah!

Although my mother is not so young, but I deeply remember when secretly painted her lipstick, or steal high-heeled shoes was caught, she was never very disgusted with evil eyes scold me for "not serious" and said he would be "very beautiful".

I am very grateful to her, because she did not hit my self-confidence, and did not make me feel that the pursuit of beauty is a crime.

Now I love more. According to the father saying: you are a family of girls, you are beautiful, the old man was the three of us times face, but also enhance the value of Yan and family, ha ha ha. Of course, I buy more than their own to buy, but also to buy a pack of dad, but not the slightest careless two sons dressed.

Every time someone went out to take pictures of the two brothers boast handsome, or send a message to the circle of friends to ask about the clothing brand, purchase channels, my heart is very happy. So, I think, whether you are a boy or a girl, mother should encourage children to the pursuit of beauty. This kind of beauty, is not to keep up with the trend, at least clean, generous and decent.

Packet mother nagging:Will dress up, not only the appearance and image of self promotion, but also includes a positive attitude towards life. The woman will dress up, the general life will not be bad. Because beautiful, will eventually become a successful capital. So, ah, a family, there will be dressed up in the mother, it is the husband's blessing, but also the blessing of their children.

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