Don't teach kids like that anymore, it's really not that special!

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Don't teach kids like that anymore, it's really not that special!

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Welcome contribution,

What is education? Simply speaking, parenting is a person's speech and deportment.

Sometimes, when you do things, you think you are in love, but in the eyes of others, you just don't know!

Sometimes, you think the child is not sensible, but in the eyes of the people, it is not educated!

The child is the mirror of the parents, the child is showing the parents of self-cultivation, the whole family upbringing. Whether it is an adult or a child, it is necessary to nurture. There is a saying: "snakes don't know they are poisonous." That's probably the best interpretation of parenting.


In the street, a little girl was playing with a rocking car. I do not know where to flee out of a boy, the little girl a push, was also on the girl's hand, the little girl was frightened into.

The little girl's mother said, "the children play with her sister... Don't push sister..."

The little boy's father came and said, "how strong is our family's child, how can it hurt?"

The little girl's mother is not happy, said: "how can you teach the child, your child hit my child, you still do"

The little boy said, "isn't your child hurt? What else do you want?"


Downstairs, two little girls playing house, wearing a red dress, wearing a white skirt, I do not know how, red dress girl bitten by a white skirt girl, white dress baby cried, red dress children are prepared to bite second.

White skirt of the child's mother came, said: "the child, can not bite, this is wrong, oh." And take the red skirt child's hand.

At this time, the red skirt girl's mother is very unhappy, said: "your child does not touch her, how she would bite?!!"


Last Saturday morning, a bus, a lot of people, an old man leaning on crutches just want to sit down, a boy rushed out and sat down. The old man did not say anything, the people next to the old man.

The little boy mother came up, holding the child on the knee, satisfied to sit down, a burst of admiration for the child: "you are clever clever!"

The little boy, like winning the world, laughed and said, "Mom, we'll do it next time!"


Friends birthday, go out to eat. There was a little girl on the table. When the table is left, the little girl pulled a meatball and put it in his mouth and licked it back onto your plate, and then he slowly began to eat.

My mother looked on, don't talk, also look at the smiling children, feeling like "child is really smart!"

The people on the table looked at it and said, "can you eat so much?"

Did not expect the mother said: "the child is still small, not sensible, but also a long body, you do not care about a group of adults, and give it to him!"

These are real things, I just want to say what kind of parents, to teach what kind of children. Some parents think that as long as the child is not a loss to wake up, the other is no big deal. But once those children also offend their children, they will stamp with rage.

"Poor support rich, as well as upbringing."

The cell door is broken, and the ride is not easy, there must be someone to look, to pass.

I got home from work, walked in front of a mother and son, is prepared into the area, but came to a head riding the electric car to go by.

A mother naturally took his son with the door to go by, when he went to get his.

The road is narrow, only two people. I was waiting in the back, when the boy looked at me standing behind him, the initiative to give way to me, let me first.

I motioned to them to go first, the results of the child's mother turned to me and said: "you go first, we children go slow."

I said thank you, go over and look back, the child is holding a bag from his mother, want to share the mother.

That scene, accompanied by moonlight, really super warm.

Such parents teach what kind of children, we can imagine. We all want to teach sensible children, but often when we practice, but in this direction farther and farther.

Whether poor or rich, as long as the child's upbringing, no matter how often, it can shine.

How to make children become educated?

1 parents should be educated, give children a role model

2 care about the child's feelings, understand the child

3 do not always give the child to find a variety of reasons to excuse

4 learn basic table manners

For children, upbringing is not born with it, we need to continue to nurture and enhance the day after tomorrow. We as parents, but also to give children a good example in life, in the invisible influence of children.