Test tube baby FAQ, the process of the test tube baby and success rate

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Test tube baby FAQ, the process of the test tube baby and success rate

2017-03-19 06:51:05 145 ℃

Found a lot of sisters on the test tube baby this thing has the same question, probably has the following convenient, I unified reply:

1, under what circumstances choose to do test tube baby?

I feel a couple of any one of reproductive diseases, unexplained infertility more than 2-3 years has not improved, N years, and do not check out, et al and artificial insemination age is not more than 3 times without success, can consider to do ivf.

But all the sisters who are going to do IVF must be prepared. Although in the current medical conditions, IVF surgery has not too much pain, but the process is still very difficult, often will experience change radically daxitaibei, so they need very strong psychological quality.

2, the test tube baby surgery to spend how much?

(this issue has a special post wrote, you point in understanding the full range of good IVF costs: how much money to spend, the IVF is spent in which http://www.bozhong.com/ivf/bbs/38184533)

3. How long does it take?

This problem can not be generalized, depending on the situation of each person. If you start the examination, the whole process goes well, at least 2-3 menstrual cycles. The contents are as follows:

The first step: routine inspection, including the couple's reproductive inspection.

The man is relatively simple, routine urine, semen quality. The woman is more, urine routine, ECG, hysterosalpingography (1 cycles), endometrial biopsy (1 cycles), hysteroscopy / laparoscopic (this is not all the people to do, belong to the two examination, the examination is invasive examination, probably not within 2 months of one step, need to be nursed back to health). The first step of all checks are no problem, you can formally enter the test tube cycle. If there is a problem, will be further treatment / two checks, etc., the time limit. Need to prepare a marriage certificate, birth certificate and other documents (hospital will be required).

Again, the woman to do the inspection is complicated and many are invasive examination, so the woman before the check to check the first man, to confirm their party no problem and then let the wife check. Before the man had blind confidence in myself, don't think yourself what the issues are, by all kinds of crime wife did not check out the problems, finally husband check to know no sperm, so please have your husband distressed wife, remember!

The second step: finalize the test tube program. Program is divided into many kinds, probably have short, medium and long (I am not a doctor, so that there may be inaccurate or even wrong, in order to make you a preliminary understanding, will still write.) These sisters also depends on their own physical condition for which the doctor, will be in accordance with the different circumstances of each person to set different schemes, not comparable, have no choice, please believe all the doctor's professional judgment. General check all completed in line with the conditions of the test tube, then the day can be scheduled, the program can be set into the week.

The third step: enter the week. Simply put into the formal test tube cycle. This cycle is divided into flat and promoting row, oocyte, transplantation.

- tone: I understand this step is the body of the hormone medication control index is stable, especially to be generated to suppress the follicle (because under normal circumstances, the woman every month will only grow / discharge a tube is needed; at the same time to get a lot of follicles, so that appear to suppress alone and let the other small follicles grow together. Falling is to control part) this step need to look at the person to drug sensitivity. So, time is not certain, 1 menstrual cycle is short, long enough for 2 menstrual cycles are almost the same.

- promote row: as the name suggests, is to promote ovulation. Through the drug will be a small number of small follicles together to stimulate, and grow up (in general, a few, a dozen, dozens of possible). Basically continuous medication for ten days, the next day to monitor, the length of the follicle to the required size, you can take out and wait for the pairing.

Take the egg pairing: take out a mature follicle, half an hour of operation time. Take the eggs while the man to take the essence, and then unified in the hospital laboratory paired cultivation. Generally 3 days will be informed of the results of training, there are requirements for the preparation of fertilized eggs.

- transplantation: third days after oocyte transplantation, arrived at the scene after the doctor will notice the results of on-site training, the best embryo transfer to the uterus (usually the transplantation of 2 fertilized eggs, increase the success rate, so good luck could be twins, such as: I)). The rest of the fertilized eggs will continue to freeze or to maintain the blastocyst (understanding as a backup, the failure to join a transplant, the next can be directly frozen embryos or blastocysts, do not have to go through the process to promote the acquisition of eggs).

Which involves the 1 generation, the 2 generation, the test tube of the 3 generation, which is also based on the actual situation of the doctor to deal with. Can be understood as the 1 generation of test tube is a combination of sperm and egg free (for sperm and egg is good); the 2 generation is a single sperm injection is injected into the human sperm egg to (for sperm quality slightly worse, such as weak sperm or oligospermia like, I just do the 2 generation). The 3 generation is also one injection culture, seems to have problems and defects on the part of the chromosome repair or what, anyway, the 3 generation is the highest technical content and the most expensive (for chromosome or Difficult miscellaneous diseases patients).

The fourth step: 7-11 days will be aware of the success of pregnancy, if successful, it entered the follow-up process of expectant mothers, regardless of whether to say; if not successful, 1-2 months after waiting for the next transplant.

So you see, in need how long this problem seems simple, actually very complicated for it, so be prepared to test the sisters, time to master, if possible, to devote half the time to do this thing. People like me who work on the side of the test tube, but also very difficult.

4, how should choose the hospital?

Finished with the problem, it involves how to choose the hospital. Because choose a close to their own technology and good hospital is very important. At present, with IVF hospital is actually very much, I personally think that some public hospitals in Beijing and Shanghai comprehensive view success rate are relatively high (many people, crowded, intimate feeling is not good, these will not say, say more are tears). Because the test tube in the early stages of the baby, as well as the process, have to run to the hospital a lot of times (I went to a total of 38), so if it is in the field of medical treatment, I am afraid that only in the local rental, or run back and forth really do not eat.

Because my home is in Beijing, so each of the Beijing tube hospital has an understanding, recommended order in my mind as follows (don't ask me why, this represents only personal point of view, from the aspects of technology, strength, cost, hearsay success rate etc.):

No.3 Hospital of Beijing University, union, 306, people's hospital.

Of course, also met to second or three child, or economic conditions want to experience some of the relatively comfortable, also can go abroad, and domestic hospital compared to either the environment or the whole experience are relatively better. I see the network has recently been to the United States to test the activities of the tube, if there is a need to do overseas test tube sisters, you can pay more attention to consulting.

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