This high protein, high calcium food, 90% of the mothers do not know how to eat

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This high protein, high calcium food, 90% of the mothers do not know how to eat

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2017-03-18 recipe

Peanut isHigh calcium and high proteinAppropriate to eat some food to help strengthen the spleen and stomach, to help children improve immunity. howeverI have many puzzles and methods to the baby to eat peanuts, afraid of danger to the card.However, today there is a recipe for this recipe!

The night before the peanut withblisters morning only need to use cooking machine or Soybean Milk machine at home, put the peanuts and milk make a good drink, operate in less than 15 minutes, the baby to eat nutrition digestion,To meet all your thoughts on the baby.

Regardless of nutrition or tasteIt's so much better than all kinds of peanuts sold out there, is not a grade.

Before you make your baby's milk and peanut butter, make sure your baby isn't allergic to peanuts.

The protein content of peanut was 25%-30%, containing 8 kinds of amino acids needed by human body, and the content of arginine was higher than that of nuts. Milk is rich in protein, calcium, vitamins, mineral elements, the two with the following not only taste fragrant. Can also promote the baby's physical development, mental development, brain development.

Peanut cheese

Reference age: 12 months or more, not allergic to peanuts baby

Ingredients ready: formula milk 150g, peanut 70g, glutinous rice 30g, sugar amount

Cooking time: 10-15 minutes

Difficulty analysis: primary

1 peanuts, glutinous rice soaked in advance for 1 hours.

Tips:Hot water faster Oh, you can add a small amount of rice, can make the taste more thick, and beating baby don't worry. But the burden on the stomach, stomach effect!

2 peeled peanut peeling.

Tips: soaked peanut is very easy to peel, gently rub it off.

Tips: from a nutritional point of view, boiled peanuts is the best method of cooking, not warm, easy to digest and suitable for young and old.

3 peeled peanuts, glutinous rice into the cooking machine, add appropriate amount of water into paste.

4 will lay the slurry sieve filtered dregs.

Peanut paste 5 filter good glutinous rice into the pot, small fire boil.

Tips:While a small fire cook, while stirring constantly to prevent the bottom of the pot paste oh.

6, boil to gulp bubble sticky.

7 add the milk in advance, and continue to simmer for half a minute.

8, add a small amount of sugar before the pot seasoning.Tips:There is the same as crystal sugar at home, the baby should not eat too much sugar, the amount of good. Consistency can be adjusted according to the baby's preferences.

Drink peanut milk was completed on the table after the baby is a warm and mellow aroma to around, I huadianxinsi decorated with pitaya, whether the yen value or taste rise again a new level.

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