Five kinds of parents to raise a child is difficult to have a big future, especially the third, people see trouble

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Five kinds of parents to raise a child is difficult to have a big future, especially the third, people see trouble

2017-03-19 06:52:42 148 ℃

For the child to grow up in the future and what is closely related to the cultivation of parents, this is a deep experience. A few days ago with her husband's friends sitting together to eat, long a lot of insight, never seen someone eat like this.

The child was sitting on the table looking for love toss about their own food to eat, if you don't love to eat lightly, to his lips taste to clamp onto the plate, see I don't have any appetite. Small children do not understand things can be original, the key is that parents do so, it can not forgive.

Parents are a mirror of the child, if the child's family is not good or the parents of their own behavior is not correct, the children will easily grow unattractive appearance, affect the child's life. In particular, these 4 types of parents, the most easy to let children develop bad habits.

1 parents indifferent, children love perfunctory

"Mom, today, I was praised by the teacher," the mother side of the phone while holding a button with the slow spit a few words, "know, and quickly sleep". This seemingly insignificant little behavior, which will allow the child to produce their own is not concerned about the illusion of a sense of loss. If things go on like this, the children will be in the parents learn not to learn to respect others, because not perfunctory, heart to heart, this kind of children in the future is difficult to have a bosom friend.

2 parents do everything for the child to pave the way, leading to the child did not assertive

Containing fear in the mouth, holding in the palm of the hand afraid of breaking up, which is a lot of parents dote on the portrayal of the child. Parents always worry about their children do well, and then everything for the child to make a decision, the result is that the child lost the ability to think independently, like to rely on others, no idea. Therefore, in life, parents should not be too strong, no matter what to do to guide their children to think, let the children make their own decisions.

3 parents love to complain, children like to escape and lie

Exhausted, every day to work overtime so late, the company who who who is clearly his fault, the director has been held accountable, it is not fair". All sorts of complaints with the baby's ears, if things go on like this, the child will acquire the essence, parents become a lie The students surpass the teacher., love children, shirk responsibility. Then, "no, it's not my fault.".

4 parents love children quarrel, mischievous mischievous

Kobayashi and children queuing up to buy breakfast, a middle-aged woman with the plug plus child, Kobayashi feel angry, with the middle-aged woman argued, and finally quarreled. Parents of the darling of the debate not only solve the problem, but also let the children think arguments and abuse is the solution to the problem. The children grow up after the estimate is the most provoking hate children, not only naughty, always love.

5 parents love comparison, the child form inferiority complex

Parents always like to use other people's children to measure the standard of their own children, how can you be so stupid, who is better than you." Although parents may be casually said, but the child may not be a casual. Children always stand on the side of the more vulnerable, over time, children tend to form a sense of inferiority, to do things easily affected by others.

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