5 kinds of treatment of children crying night folk folk law super effective!

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5 kinds of treatment of children crying night folk folk law super effective!

2017-03-19 06:53:18 89 ℃

Infants and young children because of incomplete development of the nervous system, it is easy to be frightened. If the day is frightened, the night is likely to cry. In the folk circulating such a statement: due to the frightened baby crying at night, the day may be "lost soul", as long as the "soul call back, the baby will be okay. Do not know is really useful?

The following small sums up some folk treatment of frightened children crying in the night "soul stealer" soil method, take a look at:

1 pin"

A unused needle in a bowl, pour water into a bowl. Then put the bowl on the baby's head from the top of the baby's head, while putting aside the name of the baby called him back to sleep. The second day in the morning to see whether the needle rust, rust is called success.

2 stamps"

With a postmark stamp, put the stamp on the baby's bed, while burning the name of the baby, and then said: come back to sleep.

3 chopsticks"

With three chopsticks at the mouth, breath, and then the baby face turn three laps, with a bowl of water, put the chopsticks in the water (on end), until the chopsticks down, on the one hand and a bowl chopsticks in hand shouted "baby home at the gate, the baby home," shouted to the baby walk around.

4 meters"

Will be equipped with a small bag of tea and rice on the baby's body, and then the mother holding the baby went to the door, a foot in the door, the other foot in the door, then gently call: XX (name) come back oh! Call it a few times, then put the baby on the bed and wrap the baby in the baby's coat.

5 eggs"

Put the kitchen knife on the floor and put an egg on it. If you can stand up, that's it. After standing up, boil the eggs and feed the children. Just sleep.

In fact, there are many reasons for the baby to cry at night, if it is excluded by the day by the shock, it may be the baby hungry, the baby calcium deficiency, or baby sick. In this regard, mothers must distinguish the reasons in order to effectively treat.

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