The whole process of natural childbirth (pictured), the mother is too great, distressed woman ten thousand times!

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The whole process of natural childbirth (pictured), the mother is too great, distressed woman ten thousand times!

2017-03-19 06:54:01 85 ℃

October be pregnant, pregnancy from a long wait, pre production period of suffering, the pain of labor, and finally to the delivery of hard, this period of course we have to display as a mother is not easy, many of them are nervous, worried about a new mother giving birth, worry about whether they can successfully gave birth to the baby? The following new mothers to share the whole process under natural childbirth, let her heart bottom, don't be nervous!

According to the difference of delivery time, it can be divided into the first, second, third, and the three stages of labor.

The first stage of labor: a long prelude, before entering the delivery room about 6-12 hours, the first stage of the first maternal labor time longer than the maternal. This phase of uterine contractions tight, short interval, the mother will feel pain in the lower abdomen, but women try to avoid shouting, so as not to consume physical strength, is not conducive to second, third labor.

The second stage: the process of the main force, about 1-2 hours, generally not more than 2 hours, the maternal uterine cervix opened completely, maternal contractions to correct breath hold down hard, mobilize the rectus abdominis and levator ani muscle strength to help the fetus was delivered smoothly. When the head is about to delivery, to avoid the mouth of halitus Meng Jin to the delivery of fetal head too fast, resulting in perineal laceration. If this stage more than 2 hours, then you need to inject oxytocin to strengthen the uterine contractions or other means of midwifery.

Stage third: delivery of the placenta, about 5-15 minutes after the baby is born, if not the delivery of placenta and may cause bleeding, so this stage must be clean and delivery of the placenta, placenta, birth canal laceration and check without suture wound. If the mother in the process of doing a lateral episiotomy surgery, the third stage of labor also need suture.

After the birth of a child, is the real killer mothers face - most maternal deaths are concentrated in 2 hours after childbirth, postpartum 2 hours so crucial. After 2 hours and then returned to the ward in the delivery room needed after childbirth, the doctor will check the maternal vital signs, physical and mental condition, to avoid the risk of postpartum hemorrhage, pre eclampsia, amniotic fluid embolism, intravenous injection of oxytocin, oxytocin can promote uterine contraction, thereby reducing the postpartum. In addition to bleeding, the doctor will examine maternal perineal wound.

2 hours and the birth, must urinate, natural delivery is very demanding, plus the perineal incision pain, women feel urinate, so regardless of whether the urine should be within 2 hours of urination after childbirth, long time holding back, will affect the uterine contraction, if the compression of the bladder and urethral opening, easy dysuria, urinary retention.

Pregnancy and childbirth process there are many uncertain factors, and in one moment, so mother every labor is for the person I love in a "life and death", please more dads love their wives!