72cm's dwarf mother gave birth to a giant daughter! Neighbors actually suspect that his daughter is not his own

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72cm's dwarf mother gave birth to a giant daughter! Neighbors actually suspect that his daughter is not his own

2016-07-21 15:05:47 369 ℃

The mother is only 72 cm tall, but he has a happy family, love his husband, and the baby will be born in the stomach!

She did not care about their own physical defects, quietly looking forward to the arrival of the baby in the stomach!

The mother named Stacey, wait for the child to the 7, 8 months old, she always feel her height ratio is not coordinated with respect to children and pregnant baby late to her stomach pull very long, and she is short small body out of proportion.

She opened itself jokingly said: "if I lie down, looks like a snake; huge belly let me look like a long limbs move potatoes!" Is such a mother optimistic to the mother, endure more difficult times than the normal pregnancy, the arrival of children waiting for the day.

Until June 8th day of birth. She looks the whole body like a ball, production for her difficulties, she was born under the a 46 cm long "giant" daughter!

Caused no small public sentiment in the near his house, neighbors criticism also Chuichui spread to her ear, neighbors even suspect not her own daughter, figure so small, only 72 cm, she can actually gave birth to a daughter of 46 cm!

Pour is to let a person feel surprised! Neighbor is not implied believe, Stacey is very sad, but very lively, cheerful is his / her own daughter not in and of itself is as pygmyism patients, Stacey and Internet query, originally Jurassic Confucianism and divergent set will genetic generation, itself is caused by acquired brain does not arrange the release of growth hormone in is not caused by congenital factors, very proud of his daughter and normal person!

Two years after Stacey and pregnant, also gave birth to and daughter, although the daughter only 44 cm, but gossip proved unfounded.

Neighbor also did not say anything, and then she and production under the third baby girl, the family happy and three daughters in Stacey carefully give Gu instrumental increasingly slim.

Rumors still collapse of itself!! Don't doubt that the mother is so short and can give birth to such a high child ah!