The 5 year old daughter husband colleague said to me the fire, the outspoken people there?

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The 5 year old daughter husband colleague said to me the fire, the outspoken people there?

2016-07-21 15:06:52 347 ℃

Share the story of a treasure Mom: yesterday I and husband with a 5 year old daughter and 3 year old son to play in the park, originally a four out of play very happy, is because of the later met her husband's colleagues, let me a sulk.

When we go to the park, just met a husband's colleagues, her husband said it was part of the new, and he did not know also live around, so he played a call in the past. A male colleague who saw her husband is also very warm, automatic and children to call me.

1, children lack of peace

Children are very difficult to the wording of the resolution of adult true and false, they will put "mother, don't you, mom just like his brother, you are picking up the mother..." these words seriously, fail safe feeling, often through process hazard itself or others expression itself heart uneasy.

2, children will be sensitive and suspicious

Hour adults to coax a child is the child seriously but does not implement a promise, will let the child the feeling of being cheated, surrounding sensitive, suspicious, adverse to later interpersonal.

3, the child will be used to please others to get attention

Many children are required to master reciting poems, singing, etc. to obtain award decoration, whether children willing demanded or coaxing. Time for a long time, the children used to entertain others, self-esteem will be greatly reduced.

So absolutely not for adults with literally and then playing toss get kids, though this did not malicious, but children are often believe, even to make the reflected in the extreme, it is not our wish to see the.

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