Temper super good daughter actually got postpartum depression, the reason behind the anger

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Temper super good daughter actually got postpartum depression, the reason behind the anger

2016-07-21 15:07:11 339 ℃

Qianqian has a three year old daughter, shortly before the birth a daughter, because the child is a daughter, Qianqian's mother is not happy, nothing all day something in front of the flourishing and complaining: I kindly let you eat recipe, you don't eat. The, and a daughter, I this life this life, no grandson life & middot; & middot; & middot; & middot; Qianqian mother-in-law guarding hour son not to say anything as long as Qianqian's husband had gone to work, she started complaining, a confinement Qianqian no less angry.Qianqian very introverted, not OK sth that kind of person, is the name of a good temperament, but flourishing husband found Qianqian recently a lot of places is wrong, sometimes blunt baby screaming, sometimes crying, most of his frightened; Qianqian recently always said a key person she with the baby night as long as'll wake up everywhere looking for baby, Qianqian husband feel exuberant energy problems, but asked mom, mom said Qianqian can eat and drink, nothing abnormal.(picture has nothing to do with this article)

Qianqian husband with Qianqian go to a hospital making an inspection, the doctor said Qianqian had severe postpartum depression, need timely treatment, so as to avoid the occurrence of serious consequences, Qianqian mother-in-law heard such a serious consequence can not help regret: I'm just saying, I knew your heart so small I do not say "Qianqian husband listens to mother say, the instant what is white.

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