The truth: antipyretic plaster can really fever?

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The truth: antipyretic plaster can really fever?

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I do not know when to start, has become the standard antipyretic paste have a fever

Whether adults or children, as long as the fever, regardless of body temperature, the state, the first to the forehead to a paste. As for the stick in the end there is no use, will give the child what feelings, and no one cares. Before in "how to deal with children with fever," a text said, elevated body temperature can reduce the replication and propagation of microorganisms in children, also can improve the body's inflammatory response, is conducive to the removal of pathogenic microorganisms, the fever of the child's illness recovery is favorable, fever and a thought to the child fever originally is not right, concern in Ta psychotic reactions rather than on the body temperature is more important.

The child has a fever, the first principle is to try to make children comfortable

According to this principle, when the child has no obvious discomfort, in addition to let him drink plenty of water, wear less clothing, does not need to do any treatment, nature also need not antipyretic paste. If temperature is high, more than 39 DEG C and the child very uncomfortable, need a fever, a fever effect?

The effective method is fever antipyretics

Antipyretic method if valid. Naturally it is recommended that professional bodies, now recognized as the effective method of allay a fever is antipyretic, is ibuprofen and acetaminophen. With the main purpose of febrifuge but also to relieve children's pain, rather than purely to fever. On treatment of fever, whether it is Chinese children fever guide or the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Canadian Association of pediatricians, or the British nice are not mentioned the defervescence patch, antipyretic paste mainly popular in the countries in East Asia.

The defervescence patch is not really cool

Some instructions are on the water vapor gel by the hydrogel to take away heat, which is actually a way of physical cooling. In fact, do not say a piece of the hand is not a big slap in the face of the hydrogel, the child is soaked in warm water to cool the effect is very limited. Nelson textbook of Pediatrics says explicitly physical cooling and no effect, Britain and Canada do not recommend sponge bath with warm water, the American Academy of Pediatrics that is vast in most cases drug cooling more convenient, when the children of antipyretics do not tolerance or sensitization to give priority to the sponge bath with warm water.

Have a fever does not burn out the brain

Some parents like to use antipyretic paste another reason may feel fever to protect the head, as many people think that the fever will burn out the head. And the truth is, unless more than 41 C ultra high fever or intracranial infection caused by fever, fever does not burn out the brain. And the temperature of the human body through the blood flow to achieve balance, it is not possible to reduce the temperature of the brain by giving a small piece of skin on the forehead to reduce the temperature of the brain. Also some antipyretic paste inside added to of borneol, mint, eucalyptus oil like substances, these things will make local skin feel cool, but not really cooling.

Some children will be allergic to the end of this

We know that cooling the main principle is to make children comfortable, defervescence patch to the forehead to local brings such a cool and not all children are able to tolerate, some parents will find children resist this thing, in fact, I also can feel, in my forehead paste a piece of sticky gooey ice cold things will not be comfortable. Of course, comfortable children themselves say, if your child is like stickers that is not it, but to know that not all the children can express, and sometimes he just can not refuse you. But you also need to know that some children are allergic to the end of this. That is to spend money to let the children suffer. You can use the "antipyretic plaster allergy" online search.

It is not a hot back is no good? May not say so

With pregnant women wearing radiation suits, children put the defervescence patch as close to a "I'm sick" label may let the other children from the TA far point. In addition, many parents of the children have a fever is very anxious, do not know what I should do, affixed to the child on the defervescence patch, somehow feel that they are doing something.

It is a placebo, but the cost is a little big

Many parents also said the hospital doctors to defervescence patch. Indeed, with many doctors believe are useful as traditional Chinese medicine, some doctors believe antipyretic paste useful, although they have not seen the evidence. Also a lot of fever children would not need to any special treatment, but parental anxiety, the doctor will point to open these may not good things to placate the parents, you see, I somehow for your child to do something, spoken parts in an opera is a placebo, but into the big, have a good box of dozens of pieces of money encountered allergies is injustice the.

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