A pregnant marriage, after marriage that child is not my!

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A pregnant marriage, after marriage that child is not my!

2016-07-21 15:11:31 372 ℃

I recognized as a man, I made a lot of mistakes. I have a special love to my girlfriend, she told me as a confidant, she is too busy, it is difficult for us to meet every day. And that time my behavior, let me regret for life.

That time my girlfriend is on a business trip, we haven't seen her for a long time. Just a friend of my birthday, the master will go to the party, the scene familiar with the Wen Li, he is my friend's university classmate, first arrived in the city I hope that we can master a lot of help to help her. Wen Li is made to sell, the wording is not like a little just graduated not how long, is not like a new to a city of the stranger, but even more than we can fight. That night master drink some more, everybody should return home, and my girlfriend, finally give Gu instrumental Wenli mission can only fall on me.

Because everybody drink wine, specific day what the environment. I also remember not very clear, just wake up in the morning hour found Li Wen and I lay in bed, and two people are wearing no clothes, obviously we are appalled by the work in front of, Wen Li very natural to the toilet wash wear good clothes and went away, that work, I don't know if he had crossed the.

The female partner is back from a business trip, in order to fill itself in the mind owe to her, I gave her bought a bouquets of roses, and also booked her most like to eat Western food is hope oneself heart can feel better is I wish she don't is found them in my work. Openly, my girlfriend's work on me and the language of the work was not detected at all.

So, we had a month of peace. A month later, I suddenly received my buddy de law wind, broad masters are busy, is not busy work is busy and their female partner, and his wife in a way. Then my friends play de law wind I want to not have what thing. He just told me work let me a person to his home, do not let me take my girlfriend, in fact, to his home, I only a time my girlfriend, between man's party. Few women are willing to present.

That day I went there, in addition to the presence of my brothers and his wife, and a small one, that is, Wen Li, looked like, Wen Li as if to cry. I asked what, the master is not the wording, Wen Li has always been crying.

See Wen Li does not talk, my friend told me that that night to let Wen Li pregnant, but she did not want to destroy the child, but I have a girlfriend, Wen Li do not know how to do. Listen to this, I have some ignorant, pregnant?

That night what happened, I do not know, just to see who B ultrasound examination of the bill, I am sure the text Li is pregnant. So, I and my girlfriend broke up, when the Kuixin Han, married Wen li.

Later Wen Li premature, after her daughter was born the child has been in hospital to run such I ends, a day to see the child's blood type, I suddenly found incorrect, obviously I am a, Wen Li is ab, our daughter blood group sub error ah! I find the doctor asked the environment, the doctor told me is not a problem, and I very clear thinking suspected the daughter is not my.

Day arrived back home, I asked the Li is what is the environment, Wen Li actually cried to tell me, on the night a few days ago before the night, she and the former boyfriend in a road, just her predecessor has married, she found the child is our one and only and I married.

Listen to her words, I feel dizzy. Just because she had a relationship, she was pregnant, but also happened to marry me, but the fact is that the child is not mine, one night, destroyed my own, but also destroyed the Arab Israeli children.

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