Baby how to take a nap in the summer, the most healthy, how long the most appropriate nap?

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Baby how to take a nap in the summer, the most healthy, how long the most appropriate nap?

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Before the baby on the kindergarten, whether or not to take a nap? This choice is a prerequisite, first to ensure that the baby's sleep, followed by a good life to ensure that the baby discipline. Do these two points, you and your baby all the way to the resolution is not to take a nap.

Some mothers feel should let the baby to develop the habit of a nap, so that not only ensure the baby's health sleep, but also to help him in advance to comply with the discipline of the life of the kindergarten. Some mother feeling, a nap should let the baby itself, can not force the child. Before you make a decision, let's listen to the advice of the experts.

1 do not force the child to take a nap, so that his own resolution. Doug Mom: "peas is started from one and a half years don't like nap, I have found ways to coax him to sleep, but instead, he more and more energy, so I had to to him 'surrender admire'. Peas at the moment more than two years old, when the little partner nap, he is playing with their toys, painting. Sometimes feel tired, and will sleep for a while. A lot of friends feel I too indulge a child, don't let children nap will affect his health. But I feel rather than forcing children, let him do the things they like, at least two can keep a happy mood".

Experts: do not nap baby, to ensure that the rest of the time to get plenty of sleep.

In the nap on the problem can not be forced to force the baby, but the baby does not take a long nap, the mother should pay attention to his sleep when enough. Sleep on the baby is very important, especially in the brain of 3 years of age has not yet developed a mature baby, sleep on the brain development is a very big impact. So the high quality of the discipline of sleep is the main. Baby every day when the need for sleep and the spring and autumn have a great relationship. Baby during the day will be in the baby will sleep a little sleep, but in the future, the baby needs to sleep at the time is relatively small, the day to sleep, especially the nap will occur in conflict. If he had enough sleep quality and length to meet the needs of his development in the evening, he could not take a nap during the day. However, should pay attention to keeping him quiet rest, don't jump. When the baby is not enough sleep for a long time, it may appear the following said, then it should be appropriate to add to his day nap, adjust the life discipline.

1, in the absence of nutrients in the environment, the development of more than the same age of children.

2, grumpy, irritable, yer sniveling, rubbing his eyes and at the same time also showed a yawn.

3, easy to get sick, and even diabetes, high blood pressure symptoms. 4, sleep at night is too long, the baby is always crying wake up early in the morning, sleep quality is not good. Stating that he needs to be in charge of the rest of the rest of the time.2 to help children develop a habit of taking a nap, it is conducive to his health

Chenchen Mom: "I always interested in the help Chenchen form nap habits, just as the old saying says, 'love sleeping children grow faster. I feel that he is the right moment, the right time for a nap is needed. And, and he was in kindergarten, but also can quickly adapt to the side of the living discipline." Expert: help children develop the habit of taking a nap, to take care of the baby will set up good habits and discipline. The baby has a nap when the intention to help him develop the habit of course is good. But you cannot force the baby to take a nap, so can only spoil things by excessive enthusiasm. The baby in the emotional impulse the hour of sleep, sleep quality will be greatly reduced, and even affect the children sleep at night. Lasting, the baby's mental health will also cause risk. In addition, when placing a nap to the baby, but also pay attention to the establishment of good living discipline. Don't delay the children nap normal diet and activities. Nap time not too long, usually more than one year old baby nap 1 ~ 2 hours is relatively appropriate, of course, have to according to the baby on the day of the sleep state to make appropriate adjustments. Warm reminder: Generally speaking, each person needed to sleep when zigzag. Some people sleep is enough; and some people must be long enough to sleep, or effort will be dejected, like Einstein. It is said that he one day to more than 10 hours of sleep. From this point of view, for those who do not need to sleep for a long time, it is only a kind of negative pressure to sleep for a long time. On the contrary, when the baby sleep to get up early in the morning, it is not a scientific approach. Is, for parents to help children form a certain life discipline, first of all to determine their own baby in the end what kind of type.How long does it take to take a nap

Siesta time not the longer the better, too long will make brain blood flow reduction, wake up after dizziness, short and means than to achieve and to ease the body and dejected, nap time to control in a certain range. For baby, how long does it take to take a nap? 1 years old of the following baby nap time had better control in 2.5 hours or so, 1-3 years old baby nap time is best in 2 hours or so. It let the baby brain and body of the system to obtain full rest, baby play morning much energy to recovery. Take a nap good afternoon, baby only the spirit of learning and play. Baby in the afternoon, mother to pay attention to the transferred to the indoor temperature 24-25 degrees, because the indoor temperature is too high, the baby will heat up, constantly crying, it is difficult to continue to sleep, and the indoor temperature is too low, baby easily cold of catch a cold. In addition, when the mother in the room to move around not too loud, in the chat with other people also do not too loud, so as not to wake the baby. To create a quiet situation, let the baby sleep comfortably, my mother is at ease. No matter where, baby take a nap, the mother should remind surrounding try not to play the song, not to increase the volume of TV, not to loud noise, do not deliberately to touch the baby. If the baby was awakened, the biological clock disorder, will burst into tears.

Baby nap too long what risk

It is divided into two stages: shallow sleep and deep sleep. Baby just lying on the bed when not really fall asleep, in the shallow sleep stage, 80-100 minutes later, into the deep sleep stage. Nap time if too long, the brain will deepen the process of central control, cerebral blood flow will be relatively reduced. At this point, the baby was awakened or awakened by external things, the brain will present a temporary blood supply shortage, the nerve will occur disorder, induction is difficult to be sad, is to, nap time should not be too long. In addition, the baby nap too long will disrupt the discipline of gastric juice excretion, affect the digestive function. If the baby for 3 hours each time a nap, sleep in the age do not drink nor eat tools, 3 hours later, the baby's intestines and stomach because of hunger is not satisfied and shortened, the digestive function will be poor. Mom is best not to let the baby sleep for a long time at noon. In addition, the baby is sleeping too long, normal biological clock disorder, mental function will disorder, permanence, counteractive force will become weak, immunity will decline. Mothers are the best for your baby develop good nap habits, not to sleep too long, also don't take a nap, nap time for 1-3 hours, according to the adjustment of the spring and autumn siesta time. If the baby because of illness and sleep for too long, the mother does not have to wake up the baby too early, more sleep in the age of the disease is conducive to physical recovery.