8 year old boy in case of a bad man, witty shout out a word to save himself

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8 year old boy in case of a bad man, witty shout out a word to save himself

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The 8 year old boy in the third grade students in primary school is Xuan xuan. One afternoon after school, Xuan Xuan walking alone on the road home. Suddenly a strange man came to the front of the Xuan Xuan, ask Xuanxuan do you want with him to go to the playground to play, Xuan Xuan refused, men immediately Embrace from behind Xuanxuan, want to take him away. While struggling side shouting Xuan xuan.

Men see Xuan Xuan shouts drew some passer-by scrutinize, pretending to Xuan Xuan's parents, to children and play and scold, "you bastard, school does not immediately go home, outside still blind to play, do not hit you not long memory!" Seeing passers-by are indifferent to separate.

Subsequently,See a man passing by Xuan Xuan, qingjizhisheng, shouted, "dad"A man away, Xuan Xuan feel really met Xuan Xuan's father, put down the child to escape.

For Xuan Xuan behavior like, is really too quick witted!

Actually, this is because Xuan Xuan parents of ordinary is face to the child safety education childhood nurture children's self protection consciousness.

I * * * *

Every child is the heart of parents treasure, any parents do not want their children to suffer a little dangerous. But some parents of children's safety education is not necessarily the right way......

A mother with her daughter shopping mall, she said to the 5 year old daughter:"If you don't follow your mother in the mall, the bad guys might kidnap you!"The result that night, her daughter had a bad dream, dream of a strange uncle after her. She realized that she was scared.

A lot of mom often said, "you're not sleeping there will be mountains Junlai catch you", often children frighten double sleep; "you cry again let sent you snatched away", let the children of poor people fear that is bad.

In fact children in very small hour will be able to understand, in this world have some tools to they are harmful, when mom and dad can teach to their safe disposal of the way, they will feel more confident, more safe.


Set lower than playing better

Parents and children can agreed with "no matter where you go, the first father and mother, and the family said in a loud" such to replace "strangers will take you." this kind of warning.

Approximate rules can also have: there was a knock at the door at home, must not open to adults, children of the promise to open.

Nowadays, many families are accustomed to online shopping, for a child, courier uncle knock sometimes means children hope may have been long toy or gift to, so to be especially emphasized to express the hour that must be adults to open the door, small companion to patiently waiting!<1Two3>


Manipulating games and activities to exercise the child's observation

Ordinary can nurture a child sensitive observation, like the vehicle identification numbers, letters, vehicle, road signs, numbers, if happen accident circumstance, children can remember the content and supply useful information.<12Three>


Try not to disclose the information of the child

Do not let the child's name appear on the outside of the clothes, lunch boxes or bags and other places where others can see. Nowadays, many school happen the students name cards don't in uniform, is bound to tell the child to tell even if an adult can pronounce your name and unexpectedly a man familiar with you.


Go out to say the first address

If in the amusement park, shopping malls or supermarkets and children lost how to do?

Prior agreement with the children, if separated, can to in advance say the confluence of address, like service desk of the front door, fixed at a statue, shopping malls.

Parents can let the children find dress, such as poor people, security, with the brand of the shop assistant for help.

If the child does not dare to dress and the wording of the person, you can find the child to find the same mother with the child, so that the mother's help to find a mother, because the child will be the same height of the child intimacy.


Meets the eye to live the human to practice the training

For example: if there is a stranger to the child, said the family had an accident, when the child to go with him, the child how to do?

Tell the child, the hour per person of the heart feel afraid, but he must know whether telling us how not to go with someone else, no matter what the man told him what was happening in the owe good things, even strangers to show him poor people or a fireman certificates.

Instead, he should immediately run to the teacher or other familiar people to verify this thing.

Another example: if you have a child to say to the child, you look really cute, you want to give you photography or to induce children to take the preferences of toys, how to do?

5 ~ 6 years old children willing to receive attention, and is very fond of photography, but to tell the child when unfamiliar adults want to his photography, he can politely refused to strangers, we can say "no, thank you" or something like that, and then walk away.

If a child with a child's special want toys or snacks and the like, then tell the child can not just want to have the tool of the stranger, eat the tool.