How do Jews educate their children? Create smart Jewish myth (for parents)

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How do Jews educate their children? Create smart Jewish myth (for parents)

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2, let the children in accordance with their wishes to study

Jewish classics, "the book of the book", said: "what they like, will do the best." Some children will be tired of reading, only shows that the outside world has given him too much interference, forcing them to read books do not like, extinguished the child had a warm fire.

3, with curiosity to read

Curiosity can give a person a lot of power. Also with their own willingness to study, often with autonomy, and this is one of the most important and effective way of reading. Jewish parents educate their children: to encourage their children to ask questions, rather than rely on faith to accept a thing, everything is knowledge of the truth.

In addition, they firmly believe that only the wisdom will not be snatched away, will not be lost, will be accompanied by their own life.

4, the use of all around to educate their children

Jewish mother will not punish the child because the child is wrong, but will use the child's mistakes to educate their children. If the child accidentally broke the quilt, the Jewish mother will ask the child, why not go up to heaven, but down to the ground? In fact, this is a good opportunity to explain the gravity.

For the surrounding things, the Jewish mother will take it as a teaching material to educate their children, foster children's spirit of adventure, inducing the child's curiosity, so that children get enough thinking to stimulate the child's desire to job.

5, with the game to explore the philosophy

A Jewish mother had a child to do such a game:

"What is the survival of all the property lost in the fire? Tips for the colored, invisible, tasteless."

And the answer is "knowledge".

"People have black and white two colors, but why do you see things through the black part of the tailor?"

The answer is that through the dark to see the light through the dark.

Although it is just a simple game, but it contains a profound wisdom of life.

In addition, the Jews also very much emphasis on words and deeds, with their own words and deeds of the body, for the children to do a good example.

Jewish education method, it is worth parents to learn, the mother to maintain a good state, color of skin is dark yellow long stain can Nata Tea Whitening the skin, the figure is no deformation curve, will use her tea breast Meiru, always in a good, high spirited, optimistic, confident state, for the children good example, good inspiration.

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