At the age of ten, the girl has some values that must be instilled in her

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At the age of ten, the girl has some values that must be instilled in her

2017-04-21 19:23:51 179 ℃

Ten years old began to fall in love early? If you really get into the inner world of a ten year old girl, they're starting to have a lot of secrets!

Girls entering puberty, their world is chaotic. As you all know, the girls are all early puberty, about advance to what time? At the age of twelve or ten? No matter what time ahead, we put the ten year old as a girl on the road to an important point. From the beginning of the three or four grade, the girls began to get started, the beauty of male attention, began to pay attention to his appearance, and began shouting dieting, began to have their own little secret, also began to receive the boys passed to a small piece of paper......

In fact, I believe that you are a girl who, already feel the child's temperament began to have some changes, at about the age of ten in the stalls, at this time, parents have something to let the children know, or like your daughter with certain values, and then have the skills over and over again that, again, until these values into their bone marrow.


Passion for sport, weakness is not beauty. Many girls even PE are reluctant to go to when I was young, the sports achievement is not good as a kind of beauty, this time has passed, please in this world use the warmth of your body, to run, jump, climb, fall, go to play football, running, swimming, climbing, go go go do you all love sports. The body's health is the most important, your body contains a kind of fearless strength.


You can not agree with the views of others. The world is too big and different, you can not agree with all the views, and their views are very different from normal. But if you really think you are wrong, please learn to apologize. You don't have to deny or alienate someone because of the opinions of others and you don't agree. Why do all the people in the world have the same opinion? This is horrible!


A pretty face is as important as a beautiful heart. You have a beautiful face and body of the young, you have their own unique characteristics, but please do not because of their appearance on your appearance or improperly belittle oneself pleased with oneself, just a part of you, your soul is equally important.


Reading is a very important thing in life. In your life in leisure time, in your study time, you can enter the author's world from their own world, many children do not get lost, you will make you more beautiful, more books let you teach more friends, read more books and make your life more choice the future, the most important is to let you happy.


You don't have to please anyone. Is not your job to please the people around you, one of my father and mother, teacher, brothers and sisters, even you quietly love you have no need to please them, the most sincere feelings from mutual respect, understanding and love.


Don't care about other people's ridicule. Huang Yongyu's grandfather said: "I love my mother ugly, in adolescence, many children will laugh at others for fun, when people laugh at you, don't let go, they laughed at, and what is the relationship between you? You are the same as you.


It's important to learn how to protect yourself. Do not casually in the classmate's house for the night, not casual drinking and smoking, not casual and strange boy contacts, not just for any boy to pay your body, learn to protect themselves is very important. The world is very complex, people are very complex, learn to protect themselves, do not hurt others, and their harmony, and others in harmony. Remember: people do not make me, I do not prisoners, if people commit me I must tell parents.


Remember mom and dad will always love you, although you and mom and dad have different opinions, have a quarrel, the view is not unified, where mom and dad too earth's point of view, but mom and dad will always love you, mom and dad are all, please all the mom and dad to last a child use your own way to tell you, let the children feel the love of their most powerful backer.

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