4 year old son lying in bed, his father played a big chest sister only Bo son smile

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4 year old son lying in bed, his father played a big chest sister only Bo son smile

2017-04-21 19:24:16 218 ℃

According to Hongkong media reports, Thailand Udon Thani fu man hole SA has a son of 10 years old, children with brain hypoxia has become a vegetable, has been lying in bed for 4 years. In four years, every day to do all kinds of holes as sell silly, often even dresser, only to Bo son smiles.

In September 14, 2013, the hole with his son to go to the house with the children to eat hot pot, don't want to happen accidentally, Iraq suddenly was food choke. Hole immediately sent his son to the hospital, but 7 minutes after the heart of the heart will stop.

Although the doctor in 4 minutes after the rescue to save Iraq hill a life, but on the 3 day after wake up boy has because of oxygen for a long time, brain damage, can not speak, become stiff, eyes and lax.

The hill home hole Sa Yi, quit his job to take care of his son, more funny Yi Qiu happy, in 4 years time as many A dream, such as panda can not help laughing.

The most frequently play of the hole, or chest, great little sister. The Nvbannanzhuang dad was often on his son to change, let Xiao Yi Qiu can also participate in enjoyable family activities.

He said he would never know how much he loved him, but he didn't remember anything, but he felt that he would be enough to live, anyway, he would still see his love, will take care of him for a lifetime.

Hole to upload photos to the Internet, called on everyone to cherish the present people, the positive and optimistic spirit of a lot of Internet users. Some netizens saw pictures and the story of the hole after being moved, the community began to raise funds, hoping to give the family a little help.