The good news, the birth of 9 pounds 1 two boys, sons and daughters, with super two fetal symptoms! Sisters get pregnant!

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The good news, the birth of 9 pounds 1 two boys, sons and daughters, with super two fetal symptoms! Sisters get pregnant!

2017-04-21 19:24:33 84 ℃

My birth is October 10th, especially hope that the baby was born on time, take perfect in every respect of Italy, the boss is the boss at the age of one girl, I found pregnant, did not want (not patriarchal complex home), finally decided to leave this surprise, Yu Shican could break the old milk, I began the long road boss is pregnant, born the birth of eight pounds, the pain is self-evident, during the high water breaking hospital miscarriage 46 days, weight gain of 76 pounds in 41 weeks, finally ended the fit tour, because of the experience, I have two treasure so delicate, from diet to rest, no deliberate attention to.

Production experience

I have said, is the October 10th October 8th date, my stomach began to hurt, because I have the experience, know is false contractions, but treasure dad is not assured, or take me to the hospital, go to the clinic, the doctor heard that I was child labor, immediately gave me apply for admission procedures, so my husband and I will with all the things for the baby to the hospital, go forward with great strength and vigour.

Check out a series of things, spent more than 1 thousand dollars, the baby has no movement, I do not worry, because Dabao is 41 weeks students, so I just let it go, ah ah, such as overdue or inactivity, early or tolerable, the nurse on duty to see me. He came to ask, that I was responsible for the contractions, always come my concern, after more than five in the morning, during which the pain can endure, do not know is that I become strong, or have a heart ready, it is hard to hang up, the duty nurse came to see me, she thought I'm fine, I said I hurt it, one night, she immediately arranged me in check, the results successfully opened the three fingers, I'm both hope and fear, the husband woke up, pack up and go to the delivery room.

Into the delivery room, I got painless childbirth, wait for ten to see my doctor, midwife, even I was hospitalized tocolysis when doctor, so excited, instantly at ease, choose Jahwa ward, the husband may accompany, I started to play mobile phone, self timer (painless kick, no pain a), two hours later, I was beginning to ache, hit a terrible pain over, I feel wrong, when students boss took me until the birth of painless, I have no pain, side cutting is not pain, so I panic, hurriedly called the familiar doctor, my original is painless needle, medicine to go (in the spine), which I found, now still lingering fear, the doctor for my artificial rupture of water, speeding up the opening speed in this way, I mean, and insisted on the Half an hour, several times I want to give up, there is no reason to hurt, think of his daughter, I will hold on, she is my power, that she will give birth to a child in the future, I must be strong, be a good example to her daughter.

On nearly an hour later, I finally could not endure, doctor said let me have the sense to call him, the doctor turned to leave, not to go to the door, I feel the child will come out, shouting to the moment, over four or five doctors together to help me work hard, but for a long time, has not been born, I do not know why, just listen to her later said it was because I had no energy, can't do anything, the last is a doctor on my body, let me not hard, she could push the child out (no side cut), out of the moment, I'm really free, only to hear her husband said, you work hard, you want to cry, the doctor says is a fat boy, on a scale that nine pounds one or two, everyone spread, next is the manual removal of placenta, placenta Suidiao because of me, left in a uterus. Block hand, and was hospitalized for five days, no problem after review.

Talk about postpartum feelings

  1. To believe that they can be spontaneous, as a woman, no special circumstances, everyone can wear 2

  2. Natural delivery is not so painful, as long as you are a woman, how much will have the feeling of dysmenorrhea, uterine contractions is the feeling of dysmenorrhea, to the later period will have a strong feeling of dysmenorrhea, really hurt, a strong sense of fall. However, do not be afraid of the psychological, because the pain we are very familiar with the feeling.

  3. When the contraction of a few points to help: first, Ramaze breathing method can reduce the pain of uterine contraction, "suck - suck - suck - call" is one of the most effective I think. I don't have any other phases. Two is the latter part of the uterine contraction is more powerful, let her husband to help the next touch is conducive to reducing pain. Three contractions try to stick to stand or walk posture, because late contractions you lie in bed, no matter what kind of posture is very uncomfortable, I tried lying, side lying supine, is very uncomfortable, not standing, severe pain when lying in the body of her husband to rest later, this is also beneficial to accelerate the palace mouth open. The four is not to find a nurse to see the palace, I was finally opened when the nurse checked, and then immediately push the delivery room. Because the palace is a mouth to stimulate the mouth, easy to disrupt the contractions, and then you know that the mouth has not been opened, there will be fluctuations in the mind, it is not always adhere to adhere to adhere to. I adhere to the final meaning feeling really uncomfortable when the nurse just view the palace mouth, was already full, but also a very important point -- not to the students when they do not force, will again have to endure.

When 4 students a little pain, but very comfortable, because before it have meaning when you don't have to fight hard, when students can finally hard, and hard like shit on it, follow the instructions to the midwife can, when the core is going to deep contraction a sigh of relief, when the strongest with the mouth closed forced expiratory line.

The 5 side cut, cut the time not because there is pain, when the seam is only sewing the skin will hurt, but at that time the mood is generally more excited, so it can endure. Natural is not terrible, sisters as long as the firm confidence can be born.

Talk about the two trimester pregnancy symptoms

1 daughters at the end of the 4.27, the 6.15 measured a deep and a shallow bar of two. Son of the last 6.20, 7.29 out of the two bars, do not know if the upper body is not as early as

, the son had two times before the brown secretions

2 pregnant daughter love when heavy taste, spicy pot inside tomato like, not what when pregnant with son preference, early do not like to eat sweet but very want to drink Coconut Juice, eat a lot of fruit, orange Strawberry Cherry Tomato every day

3 screen data son, daughter did not verify

4 table son, daughter is not sure pregnancy month

5 pregnant daughter when the navel for four or five months, the son began to highlight the time of the month, pregnant daughter, when a lot of people say that the son of the stomach, the son is also, or because the relationship between the thin bar,

6 when the son of neutrophils has been high, but I think it is just because of inflammation, because white blood cells have been high, pregnant daughter did not

The 7 son is pregnant bursa shape strip, the image on B Ultrasound just because the doctor just screenshots of the side or front so long a circle, I feel not as a basis

8 gestational sac size, about 8 weeks daughter data of 1.8 x 2 x 1.9, the same period, the son of the data of 1.8 x 2.3 x 1.2

9 of her son when the biparietal diameter reduction of femur from abnormal row beginning more than 2, if there is no daughter

10 pregnancy line two times below the navel position almost right above the navel is fine and straight to her son when the breasts, areola color are very deep

11 when pregnant with son armpit to breast piece of black, the belly has been long as small stars like a mole

12 taimeng allowed, pregnant with her daughter when a snow dream. I dream of a lot of her son, black snake, goldfish, litchi, watermelon, gold, boys and girls are boys and girls also have a dream a dream

13 when the son of the stomach is very tight, lying around the navel soft, sit or stand is hard

14 bone separation algorithm is not allowed, the 49 algorithm is male and female, look at the front belly type, the girl under the sharp round of the boy, I was sharp not round

The 15 daughter of the first fetal heart 160, after more than and 150, the son of the first 157, after the fetal heart rate is 130-140, the son of 16 daughter is almost 5 weeks of fetal movement

When the 16 pregnant daughter is the beginning of the kick, the left movement. I think this is just the location of the child to see it, but also with the character, pregnant son began

Son and daughter are good, are an indispensable part of mother and every family, every mother, from a woman into my mother is a great process, when mothers must pay unbearable pain when a child is born. From the beginning of October is the birth of a child for the moment, but that moment for expectant mothers is extremely long, the hardships of which only mothers know. They pay more for the family than anyone else, so men are more good to the wife, even if it is a soft greetings, they will be very satisfied. Love your wife, I hope every treasure mom and baby are healthy and happy.