Punish the child's 10 trick, clever does not hurt the feelings of the mother quickly close!

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Punish the child's 10 trick, clever does not hurt the feelings of the mother quickly close!

2017-04-21 19:25:52 112 ℃

The child to the age of three or four, five or six years old, become more and more naughty, how to say do not listen, but also can not be scolded!

As a result, otherwise easily lead to psychological shadow said to the children, but also easy to let the children become more difficult; secondly, you dare to hit a child? Hum, ask grandpa and grandma, grandma and grandpa disagree!

However, the three or four year old, at the age of five or six is a good time to set rules for their children, if you do not have the rules from childhood, to the puberty you can not control. Therefore, when the child is wrong, a certain punishment is necessary, but must pay attention to the way.

Following a few small coup, parents can learn!

Punish 5 coup:

1 jingubang (heart)

What is the use of Sun Wukong jingubang, children is quite clear -- to fight monsters! Now, I also want to have a root!

When we have a good mood, together with the production of a golden cudgel with children. The best choice of material is soft and light, foam and other newspapers, you can also let the children play their own imagination, to decorate jingubang. After completion, write "disciplinary jingubang" and other words. Next, with the child if he agreed, in the future, small animal or bully small classmate downstairs littering will be "Golden Palm punishment"! Good grasp of the intensity, too light the child can not feel, too heavy a little cry can not do; play the palm of the hand, buttocks on the line, head, face and other parts to avoid.

2 Gold Circle (timing penalty station, fined sit)

Remember the circle of the monkey king in the journey to the west? Although the monster not to enter, but they are the best, shaceng journey to go elsewhere. Now, I also want to draw a circle.

Together with the child, in the bedroom or living room corner, with stickers or chalk and so on around a circle, which put an alarm clock, a cushion. Then with the child if the parents, some do not respect their elders or make other mistakes, we must stand in the circle of 3 minutes allowed out! But note that the circle location can not be too conspicuous, or stranger visit, pushed open the door to see the child was standing, may hurt the child self-esteem; standing time of 3 minutes is too short, no punishment is too long, counterproductive.

3 big mouth flowers (confiscated beloved)

Zombies in a "big flower", one will be able to swallow the zombies. Now our children have one, but swallow is your toy!

To choose a locked drawer or box with the child, to a small box decorated with colored paper eyes, fangs, and give it a "big mouth" flower "TAZ" love your name. Next, tell the child: if he does not clean up toys, toys, clothes, and so on, like his favorite toy received "big mouth flower", detained for 48 hours. In the meantime, if the child performed well, toys can be released in advance".

Seven dragon ball (4)

Collect 7 dragon balls, you can call the dragon to achieve their aspirations! The child wants a new toy? No problem. Let's get together! Prepare some glass ball, a pot, with children can get a good agreement, dragon ball (glass ball), what a good thing to do what bad things will be deducted a pearl. In the future, if the children want to buy a new toy, stationery is not needed, we must collect 7 pieces of "dragon ball".

5 headed (housework)

Sprinkle a floor of milk and want to run? No way! Throw a whole room of clothes for mom? Don't think!

To prepare children for some of his carry Gadgets: small pots, cloth and a small shovel, broom and so on. When he stained the floor or wall, must use their own tools to clean it, otherwise, may be deducted from a "pearl"......

5 principles of punishment:

1 mistakes must be punished

Do not punish the child because of a good mood today, tomorrow will be a bad mood to punish the child; not because of this error is not small, the next big mistake together account...... Parents must first have strong execution! Even if the child accidentally spilled the milk cup, but also must be responsible for the child to clean up their own. Parents have to change their own, the child ultimately no deterrent.

2 warning before penalty

Children sometimes not consciously aware of their mistakes, so parents need to be warned in the child the first time this behavior, that is to give children a chance to correct, and let the children be prepared. For example, at dinner, the child pulled Steamed Buns threw the play, you can stop him immediately, and then calmly told him it was a waste of food, if he did, the meal is over, must leave the table.

3 reasons for punishment to be clear

Punishment is not an end in itself, the purpose is to let the child realize the error. Before the punishment, straightforward, clearly tell the reasons for the child, and indicate how you want your child to do.

4 punishment from the start point to clear

Punishment from when to start, what is the specific content of punishment, to the end of the time, it must be clear with the child. Once the punishment is over, the child realized the mistake, everything will return to normal, do not let the child all day trembling, depressed.

5 give the child a chance to defend

When a lot of kids together, there will be mutual shirk responsibility, don't be angry, reckless to punish the child, how to say the patience to listen to the children, and make a decision, in order to avoid the wrong child.