If the child is in trouble, what shall we do?

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If the child is in trouble, what shall we do?

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Money finished homework last night. He said the school calligraphy class, like, want to practice a lesson to learn the word. I am happy, hurriedly to the ink paper and paper to serve, but also told him to be careful, do not get the place is, or bad to clean up.

He promised that he would be careful, but I was worried that he would be ready. I'm paranoid said to him, do not be too high, so as not to put the ink splashed on the wall, if not painted, the first time to wash your hands, don't touch...

His small head shook like a rattle, confidently smiled and said to me: do not worry, mom, how could I put ink onto the wall, I'm not a small baby!

So I put my heart down.

At the beginning of his two words to write to me, mom, do you see me write it? Is my word beautiful? I replied to him that writing practice is a mind to write, first of all to calm down, a painting, a word, to experience, to feel, not like a hot pan on the ants like, a trip to ask mom.

He finally settled down, never to bother me, I was focused on doing their own desk work. The result was that I forgot the time, when I looked up again, I found it was almost ten. I think it's time to sleep. This little guy, you don't call him, he won't go to bed. I went out of the study and called him, money, it's late, wash and sleep.

In the living room came a panic response: Well, well, I'm here! A voice then a Xilihuala pack up.

I feel a bit wrong, so quickly came to the living room, see the table scattered with pen and paper and inkstone, money is a standing in the living room, stood close against the wall, cautiously looking at me.

I asked, "what's the matter, why are you standing there?" Go wash up.

Money looked up at me, and cried, he said, mom, I didn't mean it. I didn't mean it.

Big Virgo side distressed white walls, while pretending to calm heart, said, do not be nervous, where to get, let her see.

He walked a few steps behind, exposing the mottled walls, originally white one, there are a few big little ink printed on the middle, also led to the wire cable, it is particularly garish, this wall is broken.

I am indeed very angry, a voice said: how do you do, too unreasonable, I do not remind you? You don't guarantee it yourself. You'll never get to the wall? Now this is not rub rub, wash can not wash, a good wall ah, you say how to do?

Money to see me angry, cry more, weeping, mom, I didn't mean it, I just spilled ink on your hands, I stood up to wash, I usually walk on the old love to touch the wall, I forgot, habit, while walking, while he touched the wall, I remembered a touch over the ink on the hand, I really was not intentional.

I knew what he said is true, he usually walk is always love touch here, at home feel there, but then look at the white wall ah, I do not hit a gas to you it? As early as what to do, you do not sleep, just stand here and think about how to do!

It cried and bowed his head, I sat on the sofa to sulk. After a while, the door voice, Mr. Han came back, he came at us this posture, look at the table, looked at the money behind the wall, about what all understand, he deliberately said loudly: money, so late, how not to sleep?

Money looked up at his father, a look to find the patron, cry that called a grievance, Dad, I made a mistake, my mother let me stand.

I scream, you have reason, you say you do good! Mr. Han went to the table, looked at the money to write the words: this word there is progress ah, money, you come. Money quickly came over his father's arms.

I said, you do not pretend poor, I remind you how many times, how do you promise me? Mr. Han waved at me, and then with the money he said, this thing you are doing too much, so don't be careful, but I see you admit a good attitude, well, you go to wash, and then get to bed, I told my mother and a feeling of good for you? Money would quickly nodded, and cautiously looked at me, swiftly into the Restroom.

I am very angry: but you are not at home one day, come back to install a good man. Mr. Han smiled and said: I am not a good man, I thought we were a child, you do not think you just say money, then, when we were young parents say that we are exactly the same?

I said, then what kind of, also don't let people say, this wall you look not uncomfortable? And I remind him over and over, also like this too irritating.

Mr. Han agreed to: Yes, you're right. I think this wall like this too ugly, but now it can do? Just look at the appearance of money reminds me of my childhood.

Such a disaster can be really no less rush when I was young, often get home on the wall traces of The atmosphere was foul., even more. In fact, every time the trouble is not intentional, but you know children especially boys, that lasted up is completely unable to control themselves, as if everything can easily toss. Every time a disaster, I remember my dad said that my words are almost the same sentence: not to say to you? How to do it? You can't have a little memory? Sometimes it will be fat too anxious to beat me, it is a penalty homely food station.

I think now, in fact, this way of talking and punitive measures, is nothing more than the parents and the vent to vent their anger, but the effect is caused by the It doesn't help the situation., in the heart of a child more negative. If things go on like this, children tended to be indecisive, afraid, afraid of this and that, no need to worry too much about the consequences, affect children's exploration spirit, also let the children become more sensitive, this is actually not the parents want to see.

I mean, you're really going to excuse yourself. You mean we don't care about anything, just let him do it?

Of course not, Mr. Han said. I say, is my own childhood experience: a person, whether adult or child, he makes a mistake, caused by the consequences, in fact there is no one better than his own, like I always remind you, regardless of the child's ability to size, believe that no children will want to be a bad boy from the heart to make things worse, the subjective intention is to do.

Therefore, I think it is a more rational way to solve the problem, but also a positive impact on a person. Such as the wall, you can discuss with their children can use some methods to fix what, it is not so ugly, or talking with him. What do you need to repaint the wall, what he can do.

In this way, let the children first no longer fear of being scolded, punished, at the same time, also can through the process of solving problems, to better let him know that his carelessness caused by the consequences, and gave him a chance to make it. Finally, even if there is no way to completely restore the status quo, I believe he will keep it firmly in mind, and always remind yourself. Is this change in the heart better than the first?

I did not speak, but I do not deny that I am in the heart of identity, especially the phrase "no one did anything wrong, no one knows better than his own". This sentence let me wake up, think about your own experience, indeed, so you do not need to blame, accountability, to find a solution that is a positive way of education.

Mr. Han continued: in fact, this is not just to say to you, but also to listen to my own. To be honest the first time I see the wall, also want to say something's relentless, because our family education is so, generally the first time will be accountable to children.

But I hold back, I saw the child's eyes, he knows more than I did wrong, but he did not know what to do, so I think this time the attitude of parents and guidance is really critical. Perhaps the children of the disaster, the wrong, more attention should be paid to our parents, because it is not easy to overcome the inertia of thinking.

Another way to treat the child break the curse, not laissez faire, but also not to, together with the children seriously seek to solve the problem, so as to let the children get rid of the fear of making mistakes, focus on bear some of the responsibility in the society, the seriousness of the situation, timely stop.

This is us wipe the walls after mending,

Although there is no way to thoroughly clean, but also a good souvenir.

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