Humor temperament but also very loving father OD, daughter of dogs actually abandon type bangs

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Humor temperament but also very loving father OD, daughter of dogs actually abandon type bangs

2016-07-22 04:54:01 373 ℃

Derivative is really too developed, mother of children can be said is born hand chop party, this not long ago to one year old children, in scouring the web for a self-help children hairdressing equipment, a few days before the summer heat, and gave the children put a dog bite type hair cut, just left and laugh at the scholar.

My baby's tortured the, this is not brutally TV mainland and Taiwan banned Odie Mr., at home with the baby lonely, also began to "show off" his mother and child together for the child attends to novice dog bite type front bangs hairstyle the, spectators couldn't help laughing, but deep fatherly were concealed in the meantime, to laugh and have fun, is we the feelings of father absence of child development.

What happened? Turned out to be not so long ago, Odie in micro Bo sun a group of her daughter cut bangs, photos, also attached Wen said: "her mother cut bangs", his later showed a picture of the dumbfounding expression.

The girl in the photo below is the friendship of Mr. ou, daughter after her mother casually Daoteng some hairstyle pictures, at first glance seems ridiculous, canvass is really adorable, Xiaobian for the couple to child meticulous love feel envy.

His play even, there are a lot of users keep abreast of ridicule, people say "to sister-in-law living fees, for their children a haircut!" , someone said: "the eyes are so big, is not your own?" , are beginning to doubt Mr. ou and small fawn on the blood relationship, is too much, people commented: "a family of three, Odie ugly", is simply fans of red fruit fruit provocation, in fact, in addition to the short legs, the very funny temperament of Mr. ou, or "quite engaging", right? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha......

Light smile no, not as good as then continue to enjoy the next Mr. Ou's home of the Meng sister paper!

To see what this family, is not the most ugly Mr. ou!

If indeed! Oh ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~!

Let's see, the father of Europe is how friendly, also personally fed......

It seems that the milk bottle to put too much air, adorable baby drink into the air, it is to be a drop of the European God, you will not be?

Finally, look at such a busy business dad, how to use two?

Anyway, I'm not. My bear children, only know that jumping up and down, day touch three back to the wall. If that was not enough, a practice iron tougong posture, how to let me with two bent? Even the text of this text, or wait for him to fall asleep after the start of the drop! Dad daddy long live, long live!