Baby long teeth, to learn how to protect it

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Baby long teeth, to learn how to protect it

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When it comes to baby teeth, the first thing that comes to mind is what? Is it a saliva? Bite the nipple? Eat your fingers? Diarrhea? Irritable? Crying? Fever? Anorexia? Fever? ... yes, the baby to 4 months or so, the question mark in front of all nouns may be baby to long tooth sign!

1 little Meng teeth when to start selling"

ChildrenThe first teethThe time is about to6~8 monthsIn between, the first to take out the small Meng teeth isTwo middle upper incisors milk, hear this time some hemp began to worry, my darling 8 months many haven't a hint how to do, don't worry, reality does have a few baby development relatively slow, hemp can give the baby to exercise your ability to chew, such as buy a biting training device (food supplement is a good helper), banana gutta percha and so on, help out in the Xiaomeng teeth come on yet.

After teeth sequence is in turn: Row 4 incisors waste row of two single lateral incisor waste row behind the first milk mortar, deciduous canine, and finally grow up behind the second deciduous molars.A total of 20 teethAbout two and a half or so, baby teeth will end.

(Ps: this paragraph looked good hard to remember there is no, see how the mind of the graph decomposition, image ~ ~ ~ ~!

How, there is no and enjoyable mother, although the teeth for more than 20 years, but there are still many did not remember the name of the teeth? (and a long knowledge of it...)

Baby long teeth this can not be a trivial matter, because one is not careful, it may have grown up like this...

Or is it like this...

May also be like this...

But, we all want the baby's teeth to grow...

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So, learnProtect your baby's teethBecomes very important!

TwoLearn how to protect your baby's teeth.

You, will So......

Timely complementary feeding!

Food not only for the baby to replenish the necessary nutrients, like biscuits molar, apples and other food can be good exercise your baby's chewing ability to help small sprout healthy development!

Supplementary minerals and vitamins!

Calcium phosphateOther minerals are the main ingredients of cementumYogurt, bone soup, bean products, shrimp pasteSuch as calcium and phosphorus higher food do the cooking or cooking materials and on calcium food, comfortable mom in the previous article is published, hemp may wish to learn about.

Enamel and boneThe formation of a large number ofVitamin B and CIn food, such as tomatoes, bananas, carrots, pork, chicken, pork, rice, millet, peanuts and other richVitamin B, oranges, grapefruit, kiwi, pumpkin, carrots, cherry and apple contains a lot of Vegetable & FruitVitamin C.

GumsHealth can not be separated from vitamin A and CThe supply, lack of them, the teeth will grow sparse or even uneven. So food like animal liver, eggs, spinach, carrots, apples, etc. Cod Liver Oil are richVitamin A.

Brush your baby!

Children in about two and a half years old deciduous teeth is long Qi, the famous British nursery teacher Jo frost suggested hemp in the children grow out of the first lesson of deciduous teeth,With your fingers or soft cloth dipped in toothpaste for your baby, then your baby grow more teeth, can children toothbrush dipped in a pea size of toothpaste for brushing your baby the (child to about 7 years old will brush his teeth), this is not only conducive to maintaining oral health, remove bacteria and prevent tooth decay, but also can well protect the enamel and enamel have protect teeth.

Adhere to sooner or later!

Don't too much for your baby to eat foods high in sugar and carbohydrates!

Do not let the child mouth with a bottle filled with fruit juice!


This side to add a knowledge, is to drink milk can better protect the baby's teeth, the baby suck the breast milk action, is conducive to the normal development of the maxillofacial, and breast milk can also inhibit bacteria reproduction in the teeth.