Baby care 99% prickly heat, parents are wrong!

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Baby care 99% prickly heat, parents are wrong!

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Summer, hot weather, the baby's body temperature adjustment function hypoplasia, if improper care it is easy to prickly heat, red really let people love dearly. Some parents mistakenly believed because of lack of experience, but the results of folk remedies, let the baby prickly heat is more serious. These are the most common errors for baby care when you in the prickly heat, gun?

1 immediately after the wet towel to wipe the sweat

The sudden cold stimulation can make the baby sweat contraction, sweat can not be discharged, but prone to prickly heat.

The correct approach is to immediately after the baby sweating with a soft tissue or gauze to wipe clean, keep the skin dry.

2 anti prickly heat with cold water bath

Prickly heat is because of the sweat can not be timely caused by evaporation, give the baby wash cold water bath, can let the baby body contraction of the capillaries, sweat pore clogging, sweating, prickly heat, more likely to aggravate.

In hot weather to ensure that the child with warm water bath 2~3 times. Do not use hot water or cold water, to use warm water, take a bath immediately after the dry.

3 after a bath not wipe the body coated powder

Wet skin when daub talcum powder, not only can not play the role of anti prickly heat, but easily lead to clogged pores.

Prickly heat powder should be in your baby's skin clean and dry smear, and best not painted neck have parts of the skin folds and prickly heat powder can only play a preventive effect, so if the baby has a prickly heat don't use prickly heat powder.

The summer of 4 shaved head anti prickly heat

The hair itself is to help heat, adjust the temperature function, shaved a small head, but weakened the effectiveness of this. If the baby is bald and heat absorbed by the skin but will increase, skin and emit sweat will quickly drain away, not through sweat evaporation cooling effect, but easy to heat the prickly heat.

The most suitable for the baby's hair summer is a small flat, clean and easy to clean.

5 toilet water treatment prickly heat effect

Toilet water main ingredients for alcohol and flavor. Some will join mint, borneol, etc., cool and refreshing itching components, although alcohol can play a bactericidal anti-inflammatory effect, but the baby's skin is very delicate, alcohol irritating larger, the use of the toilet water to the baby prickly heat treatment but let easy to aggravate the condition.

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