These wrong folk parenting, parents do not want to touch

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These wrong folk parenting, parents do not want to touch

2016-07-22 04:59:39 302 ℃

These folk parenting style, may be true, but there are always some legends, so we have to abandon the bad, the child's bad parenting style. Today, it's a way of parenting.

As I have said before, there are the following


To help children cut the eyelashes can make the child long eyelashes

In this era of the brush "Yan value", many of the young mother thought the baby eyelashes cut back long can have roll become warped charming long eyelashes, and the truth is, this will not only lose the protection of the baby's eyes, but is more likely to cause all kinds of eye diseases.

An eyelash growth for a period of two months, the resting period up to 3-9 months, single eyelash probably only about 90 days of life, then fall off naturally is then instead of a new eyelash, constantly updated. A baby is born with the eyelashes, although very short very light, but the baby's metabolism is fast, like the same body at the age of one or two years old, chairman of the fast, so there is no need to cut eyelashes.

Eyelash length is a genetic factor and nutritional elements of the decision, with the age of the child's eyelashes will gradually become black. Baby eyelashes color with his intake of protein, vitamins, trace elements, pay attention to the baby to the intake of nutrients, with the to meet the nutritional needs of the child, his eyelashes will gradually dimmed light.<1Two3>


Breast milk can make the skin better children face

If the child after such a wash, the face does not send any abnormal things, there is no relationship, but must be washed with water, because the milk at room temperature after two hours will be modified.

But my advice is don't wash, I at that time to the baby with breast milk wash, later my son face the many unskilled laborer a knot in one's heart, as if to say breast milk nutrition is too rich, easy to recruit a bacteria, the baby's skin is too tender.

Infant skin tender, usually do not need special care, if you really need to, on the choice of special infant skin care products.<12Three>


Not afraid of digestion, often give their children to eat foods Rice porridge

4 to 6 months to add food supplement, teething, gradually appropriate for children to eat some hard things.

A lot of mom and Dad don't give the baby to eat the hard stuff, worried about the hard foods will be harm to the baby; as well as the baby itself is picky eating, eat soft food, do not like coarse food. In fact, eating resistant to chewing food will produce beneficial physiological stimulation of the root. Is the growth and development of children, often eat corn, soybean, peanuts, carrots, apples, sugar cane chewy food, is not only beneficial to the growth and development of deciduous teeth and teeth, so that as soon as possible the natural shedding of deciduous teeth, to avoid missing dentition in a layer of outer layer of "double tooth" phenomenon.

If already full 1 year old is still a baby to eat porridge or eat liquid food, it is easy to cause the baby's chewing ability is poor, do not eat meat or vegetables, coarse fiber or fiber food, will affect the baby's nutritional balance.


With alcohol to the child body temperature

Alcohol brush. This fever in children methods household, young 90, 80 mum and dad know, that this approach has been abandoned, even if you put the home of 82 daughter red take out. Because parents simply cannot properly grasp children vascular flow site, fever effect is limited, if rubbed in the other parts, the heat of the skin surface distributed, body heat emit more not to come out.

If you do not get good, may lead to child alcohol poisoning. How physical cooling?

With a wet towel on his forehead. Other parts of the body can also be deposited on the continuous replacement of the period, so that the baby's skin and blood vessels open is conducive to heat.

The less clothes, quilt cover. But at this time to appropriately increase the indoor temperature, with warm water to rub the body, uninterrupted, until the temperature has decreased.

Drink plenty of water, more urine. Baby fever is prone to dehydration phenomenon, drink plenty of water to help the body heat, urination helps the metabolism.


Breast feeding the elderly worry that the baby is not enough to eat

Mothers fear that their mother's milk is too thin, the milk has no milk, milk and milk. Just before and after the breast milk milk, milk is the mother before the main antibody looks clear so. After the milk is the mother of the main supply of fat, it will look more thick.

So don't squeeze some milk before, looks relatively clear feel milk is not good. And the whole breast 3~4 months later, the mother and child will reach a balance between supply and demand. The baby is probably much to drink milk, mother will produce how much milk, milk is not in confinement inside that rose like milk.

Little baby 2 days a day or 2 times a day. All belong to the normal phenomenon of parents to observe the baby. 2 days a stool to observe the baby stool is golden yellow? Whether the delicate paste? Whether the baby after drinking mother milk will not continue to cry? Baby every day, there are more than 7 times a day?

If all of the above answer is "yes" then your milk is good. Can fully meet the needs of the baby.


Absolutely stop your baby from eating

Many parents see the baby to eat the first reaction is always stop, actually eat hand in the growing process of a baby must pass through the stage, an infant "mouth" gradually understand the world, understand their own. Therefore, parents if in a hurry to stop, but will affect the baby.

Eat hand is the signal of the development of children's intelligence

Baby know the world, the first is through the mouth, and hand for the brain is not fully developed for the baby, it is an external thing, rather than the body of an organ. So the baby will often use your mouth to eat, chew toy, bite back. From the beginning to suck the whole hand, to the smart to suck a finger, which shows: the brain of the child's ability to control their own actions have been greatly improved, so as to promote the brain, hand and eye coordination ability. For 2-3 months of the baby, eat hand marks the baby's psychological entered the development to a new stage - finger function differentiation and early stage hand eye coordination, that is a signal of intellectual development. Baby three months or so is in the mouth of the sensitive period, for the baby is concerned, eating hand can eliminate anxiety, irritability, tension and other emotions, with a sedative effect.

Children sleep during the day to pull the curtain

0 to 3 months is the child to establish the best period of the body's biological clock, sleep during the day and sleep curtains, the bad environment is too dark, the child's day and night cycle is not a good way to distinguish. If the long run, the children can not be very good to distinguish between the day and night, wake up at night time or frequency is naturally high.

I think that as long as the light is not too strong, do not need to pull the curtain. Even pull the curtains do not get inside the whole black. Otherwise it's easy to reverse the day and night.


Often calcium supplements to children

Baby can get enough calcium from milk and complementary feeding, whether it is to eat breast milk or formula milk, as long as adequate nutrition, normal growth and development, is not necessary for children to re add extra calcium the.

According to nutrition experts, calcium absorption in the body depends not only on the content of calcium in food, but also depends on the content of vitamin D in food. Some parents think children sweating, bald is a calcium deficiency, but perhaps not, sleep sweating may quilt cover too much, bald may is the problem of the pillow.


Free to feed their children food

That day say some months time to eat the food, parents can refer to the next, infants and young children can eat food supplement and does not represent what can eat, such as nuts shell food or a jelly like food, do not feed to the children to eat. The first is anti allergy, the second is put card throat, causing suffocation.


Adults kiss baby

As the baby's age is small, immunity and resistance is poor, mouth to mouth kiss, feeding easy to spread the virus, bacteria, cause great harm to the baby's body.

Adult complex environment, some in the adult body or from the outside world carrying back to the bacteria, for adults not pathogenic or disease very light, but in terms of the newborn can cause serious consequences, and even lead to death, which is decided by the newborn special physiological situation. Pediatric director of the Capital Institute of Pediatrics, pointed out that the child's immune system has not been fully established, especially in neonatal immunity. If adults carry germs, it is possible to kiss, touch and other acts of the virus to the child. In the clinic, the mother and child at the same time suffering from colds, skin diseases, oral ulcers and other diseases of the situation is very common.

Therefore, adults must not be free to kiss the child, do not let the children of parents. If you must kiss, touch the child, should wash your face, wash your hands.