Made? 39 weeks of pregnancy is the best time for cesarean section!

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Made? 39 weeks of pregnancy is the best time for cesarean section!

2016-07-22 05:00:36 360 ℃

Although now many mothers hope birth, the hospital also advocated birth, but there are still some uncertain factors that lead to the pregnant mother had to opt for a caesarean section. If the election at the best time for the recovery of the child's health, or should be benefit, then, when is the best time to laparotomy?

39 weeks of pregnancy C-section best

Researchers in the nation's 19 well-known Affiliated Hospital by of more than 24000 choose caesarean section for pregnant women were followed up after the discovery, more than a third of the children is by planned caesarean section production was born and is before 39 weeks of pregnancy.

Compared with 39 weeks or full-term infants, in pregnant 38 weeks Caesarean birth of the baby, suffering from the risk of neonatal diseases in respiratory system will be increased one times, and in 37 weeks and 38 weeks between the birth of the baby, the risk is 4 times the normal production of baby.

Therefore, the University of North Carolina, Professor of Obstetrics, Dr. John Thorp said, 7 days before the term, that is, 39 weeks of pregnancy is the best time to implement cesarean section.

The following needed a caesarean section

The fetal distress

This is due to the absence of fetal oxygen and caught in a dangerous state, there may be aborted, if the heartbeat is less than 120/min more critical.

The fetus is too large

Fetal volume is too large can not be produced through the bone and pelvis. For example, a diabetic mother will have a fetus with a big obstacle.

The immature fetus

Immature fetus will be weaker, usually less than 36 weeks, and less than 5 pounds, may not be able to withstand the pressure of natural childbirth.

The actual volume ratio in the fetus

Incomplete placenta lead to fetal nutrition and lack of oxygen supply results in fetal weakness, the size is smaller than the actual month.

The pelvis is too small

The myoma of uterus

Mother's womb suffering from fibroids will hinder the birth of the fetus.

The mothers suffering from some diseases

For example, diabetes, kidney disease, and so on, for the mother and the fetus will be the formation of pressure.

It is not suitable for maternal vaginal birth

If the mother itself has a major disease, such as preeclampsia or serious medical disease (heart disease, etc.), the physician assessment can not be carried out by the vagina producers, but also need to choose cesarean section.

The uterus have experienced surgery

This situation is similar to the previous cesarean births production, due to the uterine wall above operation leave scar tissue, the scar tissue will indeed increase the risk of uterine rupture in the throes of, so most of the arrangements of cesarean section.