Five months baby high fever diarrhea stop the medicine, the doctor said

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Five months baby high fever diarrhea stop the medicine, the doctor said

2016-07-22 05:00:42 290 ℃

Hot weather in summer, the Nanchang people last week, Ms. Zhou with his home for 5 months of the baby, to the hospital. Night fever and diarrhea in children, eat antipyretics, efficacy after body temperature had risen again.

The pediatrician told her that the child is a "air conditioning disease". Baby's skin is thin and tender, less subcutaneous fat, rich in capillaries, thermoregulatory center development is not yet perfect, if improper use of air conditioning, the baby by cold air invasion, capillary contraction, sweat pores closed, body heat is emitted out, easy to cause the body temperature regulation centrum and blood liquid circulation loss of balance, caused by a cold, fever, cough and other symptoms.

So baby blow air conditioning when parents should pay attention to what the details of it?

1 wake up 1 hours before off air conditioning

Children's body temperature regulation center and sweat glands are not mature, the temperature difference between the internal and external adjustment ability is not very sound, so the need for a gradual adaptation process. 1 hours before the baby woke up to turn off the air conditioning, you can let the indoor temperature and outdoor temperature is consistent, and so he got up when the temperature difference between inside and outside of the room is not big, can effectively prevent the baby suffering from various respiratory diseases.

Even if the weather is very hot, don't open air conditioning, but can not make it into a baby blowing. Take the baby outside the first half an hour, it is best to turn off the air conditioning, open the windows, so that the indoor ventilation. Note: even if it is open air conditioning, it is best to open the window to open a small ventilation, to ensure the freshness of the indoor air.

4 prepare a pot of water and a glass of water.

Air conditioning dehumidification function is very powerful, day and night to stay in air-conditioned room, not pay attention to moisturizing, could easily lead to children thirsty, because most of the air conditioning can not regulate the humidity. Baby's skin moisture adjustment ability is not as adult, so the first task is to give your baby water. Prepare a glass of water for the baby, drink water in the summer can not be too hot, but it can not be too cool.

Blow air conditioning, parents do not let the baby stay in air-conditioned room all day, every day in the morning and dusk cool outdoor, take him to the outside around a few laps, a breath of fresh air, let him adapt to indoor and outdoor temperature difference, improve the physical ability to adapt. If you can, adhere to the daily morning and evening to the baby to measure a body temperature, once the temperature rise, immediately give him a simple physical cooling, to prevent the baby caught a cold fever by surprise.