There are also desirable things than boys? Well these, the twins to help you get it once!

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There are also desirable things than boys? Well these, the twins to help you get it once!

2016-07-21 01:49:21 542 ℃

Many women gave me a message saying, how can I live a boy? It seems to be poisoned by the thought of the older generation. As a new modern women, boys Jurchen is not very important, there have been many families of female students with female concerns to children's quality and pregnancy prenatal education and so on. This is a kind of social progress, is to make people feel gratified.

From population surveys of experts to learn it, in China in order to guarantee the population and development of the balance, advocating birth child, this advocate the promulgation. In my opinion or some later. Now many second child's parents, average age has more than 35 years old, has been more than the optimal age for human reproduction, people can't blindly pursue quantity second ignore the quality, so to grasp the eugenics is particularly important.

So now newly married couples are more likely to have a pregnancy. We all know that affect twins there are many factors, except the twins family history of genetic factor today give you enumerate other quite scientific reasonable factor. A friend in need can try. But these are all affected, because the real decision can be pregnant with twins is only a few.

Folic acid supplementation

Folic acid supplements may increase the number of ovulation, so that multiple eggs into the uterus, and thus produce twins, according to researchers from Sweden.

Two, supplement female hormone food

During the pregnancy, female hormone supplement can help to birth twins and even multiple births.

Three, the month of pregnancy twins

Dutch experts study found that women in December most fertile, and in this period of time after pregnancy birth twins or triplets with the highest probability.

Four, eat ovulation drugs

Although from a medical point of view, eating ovulation drugs can make more than 80% women ovulation, but the pregnancy only reached 40% - 30. So the reliability of the drug is still to be confirmed. Women remember not to take this medication, so as not to cause harm to the mother and fetus.

Five, artificial insemination

From the current medical point of view, many older or older couples to prepare for pregnancy, in order to increase the success rate of pregnancy, the doctor will recommend the use of medical methods, through artificial insemination to achieve. This method has helped a lot of stars have been successful pregnancy, it is worth learning from.