To the baby to eat half a year of vitamin AD did not find the need to save the environment to be effective

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To the baby to eat half a year of vitamin AD did not find the need to save the environment to be effective

2016-07-22 05:02:36 314 ℃

Our baby more than 7 months, from the full moon after vitamin AD drops and Cod Liver Oil alternating every other day to eat. Before eating vitamin AD is to let her husband in the hospital to buy, because they are worried about the quality of drugs, so every time it is in the hospital to buy, is to be at ease! Did not expect this time I buy vitamin AD, found that the careless bastard had ignored the drug storage environment so important issues.

This time I did not call her husband ran to the hospital to buy, because we opened a new company downstairs, the size is still quite large, I feel pharmacy drugs can be trusted, so I went to buy their own at noon after work. Walked into a pharmacy a salesperson immediately to ask me if I need to buy what drug, after I reported the name of the drug, she took me to the front pharmacy inside a little big freezer, open the freezer door out a box of vitamin AD. I see isn't usually eat "new", told her that I wanted to "new", the salesperson and from the freezer removed I am familiar with the "new". When I realized a problem, she asked "why put in the freezer?" The clerk says "this drug is need to be refrigerated, 20 degrees Celsius to save", also give me see the side of the box, behind in the description of the storage with brackets, which says "no more than 20 Celsius degrees" a few words. See I was very depressed, I never know vitamin AD drops is refrigerated! I asked the salesman, "what should I do? Because I had the medicine into the freezer, her daughter ate half a year, will not be a problem ah?" Sales staff said, "if not cold, the temperature is high vitamin AD is easy to oxidation, affect the efficacy, but it should be no danger". I really want to cry, how did I not see the instructions on the box?! Now the temperature is so high in summer, every day more than 30 degrees Celsius, the drug effect is definitely not it, I gave the baby to feed the six months without the efficacy of vitamin AD ah! Cry!

I blame myself, will normally look at drug instructions, but the vitamin AD should be so careless? Bought so many times, did not see a "no more than 20 degrees Celsius"! The baby is saying that many medicines need to be refrigerated, but I did not know this knowledge, alas! Really want to pinch myself, too depressed!

Baby, mom and dad are too stupid, I hope you good nutrition, physical bang bang, must grow up healthily! You treasure mom if feed your baby to eat Yi Kexin drops, and quickly administered for a storage environment, really not put under the high temperature environment placed a long time away!