Cause the child bandy legs turned out to be the cause of the parents must pay attention to

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Cause the child bandy legs turned out to be the cause of the parents must pay attention to

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When the mother did not know, the happiest moment of the day than the baby fell asleep. The baby is asleep. The collapse of the day of the brain can finally relax for a moment, watching his sleeping villain, Huo Tuotuo a little angel!. Hey! How does the baby's legs look like a big frog? Immediately to his legs straightened, but a loose hand, baby's legs bent, oh! The baby is not bandy legs? How old the legs stretched straight? Diapers will not be to blame? Would you like to help the baby Leggings?

What is the bandy legs?

Bandy legs, also known as the O type leg, medicine called genu varum, is refers to more than 3 months baby in double ankle joint together and extension of the knee joint, on both sides of the knee joint can not be close.

The cause of the child's bandy legs

Lack of vitamin D

Cause bandy legs is the most common reason is the lack of vitamin D, children deficient in vitamin D easily lead to insufficient bone calcification and soft texture, relax the muscles and joints, the baby's legs in upright walking under the action of gravity will be deformed. It is worth noting that the pure breast fed babies also need to supplement vitamin D.

Stand or walk too early

Premature babies stand or walk, but also lead to a common cause of bandy legs. Many parents of premature baby jump in adult legs, premature children standing and walking training. Under normal circumstances, after the baby is 6 months before they can be appropriate to support practice station, 1 year about training in hand to walk, the children learn to stand and walk is ripe for the process of development, early intervention may cause unnecessary damage.


Some babies just 6, 5 months would like to stand, but can not let him stand. The baby is in vigorous growing stage, bone structure is given priority to with the component of cartilage and bone elastic, plasticity, muscle strength is relatively weak, bone to bending deformation, for a long time in a posture will appear abnormal.

How to judge the baby has no legs?

Let your baby sit, then softly straightened baby legs closer to the center. Under normal circumstances, the baby's legs move closer, bilateral knee and ankle is close together, if gap and gap of more than 10 cm, is likely to is bandy legs, parents should immediately take their children for treatment.

Bandy legs will be inherited?

Diapers in children bandy legs of the argument is no scientific basis, but to begin to love climbing love your baby's gone, it is recommended with narrow crotch Lala pants and trousers and frequently change, as far as possible let children act freely.

Baby bandy legs how to correct?

Baby bandy legs how to correct?

In infants and children under 3 years of age, bandy legs fairly common; in 3 ~ 4 years old children, 20% have mild bandy legs; and 7. This ratio decreased to below 2%. That is to say, bandy legs the majority will be self correcting. In addition to a very serious deformity of the need for medical correction, the other can be through exercise to correct or make up for. Concrete method:

1, leg movement: usually by stretching and stretching straight side.

2, kick movement: O leg by the way;

3, leg movement: feet, ankles, knees at the same time to move closer to the clamping, adhere to a few minutes to relax. And then repeat the usual walk, pay attention to posture.

Some people said in order to prevent the baby bandy legs should be in when the baby the baby's legs together, this method never let it be, is actually less than 3 months old baby, the legs towards the inner side of the bend is a normal physiological phenomenon, do not worry about excessive. Baby more than six months to add complementary feeding, in addition to vitamin D to ensure calcium absorption. Mommy needs more effort in the baby food supplement, to the baby's growth to provide more balanced nutritionally balanced, baby's legs, legs straight Da, mom mood Meimei Da!

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