The Legend Of White Snake heard this is Xu Xian and her child

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The Legend Of White Snake heard this is Xu Xian and her child

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A thousand years, and so on, and so on ah, ah,

Who is whispering in my ear that I'll never change?.

Just for this one, ah ~ ~ heartbroken no grudges

Xiao Xu longed for a long time, and finally looked forward to meeting the white lady,

But, just small Xu Xian even provoke angry person again ~ two lady

Xu Xian: "lady, you can count, and the small umbrella to you, don't Tan oh"

The White Snake: "Hey, Gong Da, and so on, what you eat and I will"

Xu Xian: "the Buddhist monk Fahai stole the lollipop,

You play with your little umbrella first,

I'll get you another ten minutes, huh?"

White lady: I don't, I want it now, hum, you don't love people, break up!" Then, the White Snake ran back to the injustice of the pagoda, a good heart.

Lady, you come out soon, I was wrong, I was wrong, you do not ignore the others

"Hum, knock on the door one day, lady didn't answer me, sorry, I suppose, why are you so greedy, lady provoked angry, lady, I'm sitting here waiting for you"

"The lady is she does not love me, even play small temper, don't ignore me, lady, you come out ah, I can not forgive you!"

Xian heart panic, small heart thump thump.

"You come back soon ~ I am a person can not afford to ~!""

"How much love can be repeated, how many people deserve to wait ~!""

Fairy fairy outside the door, to the lady singing love songs, hoping to coax Niang happy

"You idiot! You're having a lot of noise outside, singing and crying for a while.",

I can't sleep well, beauty sleep, I have to practice it!"

"Messire, ha ha hargon tease you, actually I also miss you.

Come on, let's have a good chat"See the shape, Xian happy, her mouth in the side laughing so Xian and Susu reconciled, began a happy couple life!

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