How to let the baby sleep delicate and delicate features?

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How to let the baby sleep delicate and delicate features?

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Different sleeping positions have advantages and disadvantages for both health and sleep, so it is not good to judge the pros and cons categorically. Everyone usually is how comfortable, how come, also didn't deliberately pursue what kind of best sleeping position, oneself feel comfortable on the line. But the sleeping position is very big to the baby.

Before the age of one, it is an important period for the long-term healthy development of the baby, and also the most vulnerable period of accidental death in life. A false sleeping position increases the risk of sudden death in newborns, and a correct sleeping position can better protect your baby's safety. In addition, the sleeping position of the baby's appearance also has an impact, so mom and dad should pay attention to slightly ~!

Baby's most common posture is divided into: sleeping, sleeping, lying supine.

In principle, there is no absolute for all your baby's sleeping position, I can analyze three kinds of position, you can set according to the actual situation, choose the most suitable for their baby's sleeping position.

Lie down on the bed

Lying on the bed is a comfortable position. It has the function of relieving and soothing. It helps to promote the development of the chest cavity and increase the lung capacity. The baby spits up status nor endotracheal suction. Gastroesophageal reflux, obstructive respiratory abnormalities, torticollis and other children, you can try to lie down to sleep, to help ease the condition. But lying on the bed is the probability of a neonatal accident, is supine 2.3 to 13.1 times as much, particularly prone to suffocation, without close attention, do not recommend baby lying asleep.

Side sleep

Sleeping on the side is relatively safe, because it's like sleeping in mom's tummy. At the same time, it can also prevent Yinai caused spits, aspiration, is conducive to the food in the stomach into the intestines smooth. Disadvantage is that the size of the face, easy to sleep sleep migraine. So, every 3~4 hours to alternate sides, so that is the correct sleeping position Oh ~!

Sleep on the back

Most of the babies are encouraged to sleep on their backs, which not only reduces the risk of suffocation, but also can "liberate" the baby limbs facilitate activities, can let parents directly observe baby face, to provide timely care. Of course, there are also disadvantages, is the milk milk stains easily into the ear caused by infection, caused by aspiration aspiration pneumonia, so easy to Yinai, spits, respiratory discomfort baby, does not recommend the use of the supine, good baby, the supine position is the most correct.

Scientific package promotes sleep

Within 3 months of the young baby, try science swaddle wrap through simulation and continuation of the womb, the greatest degree of environment, maintain the baby sleep. However, for older babies, proper sleeping bags are recommended to promote sleep.

Change sleeping position regularly

Treasure dad Baoma can raise the baby body, slightly skewed to the right method of the rotation of the baby body for 1~2 hours, to reduce the risk of overflowing or gastroesophageal reflux caused by. In addition, sleep in the same direction for a long time, it is easy to change head shape because of sleeping position. So the mother should change her sleeping position regularly, such as during the day, towards the left, towards the right at night or in the left, one week a week.

Choose the right pillow

The adults cannot do without pillow, because the physiological curvature of concave neck there, but the neonatal spine is almost entirely straight, if this baby with a pillow, it is easy to cause the baby neck bending, and even cause breathing difficulties. From birth third months later, the baby's spine also began to form first bends, that is, cervical lordosis, then began to use pillows for the baby.

The baby's skull in infancy is not fully ossified, and there is a certain plasticity between the skulls. The baby can't rotate its heavy head at the beginning, so the shape of the skull will be affected when the skull is exposed to the pressure of the whole head for a long time. So to get good looks, sleeping position is the first step.

Sleep out a good head

In the past, Chinese parents used to let the baby take supine sleeping position, so the Chinese people's face is mostly flat, three-dimensional feeling is not strong. But also because of the baby to turn the back to back asymmetry, formation of migraine. Westerners are used to letting their babies sleep on their cheeks, while the cheeks on both sides have been oppressed for a long time to make the facial shape sharp.

However, parents also should be determined according to the baby's sleeping baby looks, for example: some baby zygomatic higher, if you let him sleep on it, after the cheekbones will be higher, the face became no good, so the baby to take the side of sleep mode is more appropriate, it will not cause the skull flat. Don't make the forehead and the back of the head by extrusion, the head contour is beautiful.

If the baby's cheekbones are not too high, the parents belong to the kind of relatively flat face, if you take the sleeping mode, it will cause cheekbones protruding out, become a lot better, but it will also make the baby's face narrowed and longer. Therefore, only the cheekbones are not high round face baby is more suitable for this way.

Prompt:Prone position is also a certain risk, there must be special care, always pay attention to whether the baby's airway unobstructed, to prevent respiratory obstruction.

Sleep out the delicate and pretty features

Sleep to the side of long-term sleep, may cause the baby about the facial asymmetry. On both sides of the change for the prone, it can oppress the cheekbone, do not allow excessive development of cheekbones, so as to show the bridge of the nose high, mouth and chin side line straight. Supine sleep can make the baby's facial features grow relatively straight, symmetrical, face Qian li.

Sleep out a small face

The face of Chinese people is mostly large, while Westerners mostly narrow face, one of the reasons is that the Chinese people used to let the baby sleep, while Westerners tend to let their children sleep or sleep side by side. In addition, the side can limit the excessive development of the mandible, prevent the two cheeks is too large and the formation of large cheek face.

Prompt:Take the side, both sides should be fixed on one side alternately, do not, in order to avoid head shape and facial asymmetry, and be careful not to helix compression deformation.

After the birth of the child, the head is normal symmetry, but due to low bone density in infancy and childhood, bone development and rapid, so in the development process is easily affected by external conditions. If the child's head is always sideways, the occipital bone becomes flattened and the skull is asymmetrical.

Infants within 1 years of age, accounted for more than half of the daily sleep, or even 2/3 of the time, therefore, prevention of children sleeping head, first of all to pay attention to the child's head when sleeping, and maintain the right side of the pillow on both sides of the force evenly. In addition, when sleeping, the child is easily used to face the mother, while feeding the head will also turn to the mother side. In order not to affect the child's skull development, the mother should often change the sleeping position with the child, so that the child will not turn his head to the fixed side.

If the child has been sleeping too much, the parent applies the above method to correct it. If the child is over 1 years old half, the skeletal development of self adjustment is difficult, migraine is not easy to correct, affecting the appearance beauty of children.

White mother complaining about:

Newborn baby from morning till night in a state of sleep, they will not turn over, you should always pay attention to changing the baby's sleeping posture. Generally 4 hours to exchange 1 times, more appropriate.

The side should pay attention to the baby's ear, do not squeeze.

Don't sleep on a hard pillow, the pillow height should be moderate, and the soft cotton pad.

Every one or two days, let the child from the left side to the right side of the lie, and then replaced by the left side of the lie, alternating back and forth.

Don't hang anything over the crib or the stroller. It's easy to turn into a pair of eyes for a long time.

The parents should transform the baby sleeping posture, the baby is sleeping, looking for my mother's taste, the body will involuntarily formom. If in early infancy, in order not to affect the baby's skull development, mother at least once a week and the baby change the sleeping position.

With the baby's growing up, learn to turn over, learn to use your hand to push through obstacles, at this time the baby may have had his favorite sleeping position, parents do not need to fix the baby's sleeping position. But no matter what kind of sleep the baby takes, the baby's sleep at night, parents still need to pay attention, can not be taken lightly.

Although so many sleeping problems, but some parents love round head, some parents love flat head, and some parents are also melancholy baby's migraine problem. So, I think the baby can sleep more posture, not the most correct, only the most suitable! As for what kind of head type good-looking, or to see personal preferences, as long as the guarantee of sleep safety on it!