Baby, these 4 places can not be too clean, frequent cleaning will harm the baby

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Baby, these 4 places can not be too clean, frequent cleaning will harm the baby

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As a former (pseudo) Jiepi, Ding mother almost every day to wash one hundred and eighty hand (medical MEIZHE), but since the two Dabao treasure, also began to slowly change, learn and filthy peaceful coexistence.

In the process of raising a baby to blame, to learn to make the baby healthier, in fact, the appropriate "dirty" is beneficial to the baby.

For example, these four baby looks dirty parts, and if over clean, really damage the baby's health Oh.

Digging booger, harm no one's interest

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Why do I give the baby every day to clean up their nose booger there are so many?

To know the baby's nasal cavity is relatively short, unlike adults has nose nasal mucosa protection, more delicate, if you always go to her nose clean nose, nasal mucosa irritation, more easily runny and itchy, boogers are more.

The nose looks but not fit to be seen, baby than nasal natural barrier, frequent cleaning is easy to cause respiratory tract infection, baby nasal vascular rich, not careful will cut nose bleeds. After the broken place, the scab itches again, and the child can not help but dig his nose again, so it is easy to dig again.

Finally...... You dig, baby will learn to dig you later, and that picture really does not look good......


The baby can not be too much hard digging booger, in the end how to clean it?

In most cases, there is no need to clean up. If you feel your baby more leads to poor booger breath, can use saline nasal spray, nasal drops, let the baby lay up for a while, then soften nose swab tissue processing nose, or let it flow out of their own.

Can not dig dig earwax, don't dig

My mother's love for the baby to dig "two" shit, but also booger earwax.

Infant ear than adults is very narrow, the immunity of skin is more weak, and frequently dig earwax is also easy to cause otitis externa. Improper ear, if you do not grasp the "scale", it will hurt the eardrum.

In fact, the normal earwax is not affect healthy ears, earwax can protect the microorganisms, insects and even water barrier. Most people are earwax can be discharged on its own, inadvertently, the baby will have their own ears in the wax from the fall out.

If a lot of baby earwax really obvious discomfort, suggested that parents take the baby to the hospital to find a doctor professional treatment.

It's dangerous to go to the scab

Many babies have dandruff on their heads. They are called "crusts". Some milk crusts are thick, oily, yellow or brown, and others are scaly or cracked.

But and itching and uncomfortable eczema is different, milk scab generally appear in the baby just a few months in the emergence, and to 6-12 months will disappear, clean, without any discomfort, almost does not affect the baby's life.

So, parents don't force them to help baby milk crust, Ding mother will hear about some parents could not use a comb to scrape baby milk crust, resulting in damaged scalp infection (think......)

Want to remove the baby's milk scab, you can use mineral oil (baby oil) swabs gently soften and wipe, and then wash with warm water, do not worry, disposable removal, every day insist, and slowly will wash off.

Washing your ass is too clean, but not healthy

To the baby shower or wash ass, will look at the small fart nubao (vagina), sometimes found a white discharge, many parents will feel dirty water or secretions, can quickly wipe with a cotton swab baby oil.

But this white discharge of the vulva in the female's baby is not a dirty thing. It is a normal physiological phenomenon. Studies have shown that the baby's small ass these secretions, but also contains bactericidal, antibacterial substances, not only harmless, but also to protect the baby's genitals from bacterial infestations.

In the female baby vulva cleaning care, wash with water on the line, secretions too much, every day warm water can also be washed slowly, do not worry.

If you have a baby's discharge, yellow color, blood, or genital redness and itching, then take the baby to see a doctor.

Finally, Ding Ma wants everyone to become the same "calm", and then see the baby these "dirty" situation, must be HOLD lived.

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