The sad process of my mother: my baby is an angel, so God is taking her away!

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The sad process of my mother: my baby is an angel, so God is taking her away!

2017-05-20 01:49:35 70 ℃

Finally to the 2 child policy, 2016, my husband and I prepared pregnant a few months, in March began planting, every test various tests, in April it measured two bars, was delayed 10 days suddenly bleeding, immediately went to the hospital to do B Ultrasound shows no gestational sac, then blood tests, hCG that indeed pregnant, but imperceptibly the biochemistry of the doctor's words, after hearing the tears out of control, although the biochemical, but it is recommended to do a palace, lying on the operating table on the cold palace, when the whole body numb pain, endure the pain, did not say anything, heart pain than physical pain a hundred times, although this little life in my body is only more than 40 days, but measured after pregnancy very happy, so a surprise, but also brought down.

In 2016 September the big aunt could not come to test and found unexpected pregnancy when the last menstrual period 7.30 days, 50 days to do B Ultrasound, only the gestational sac, no fetal heart, let the doctor do once again after 10 days, back anxiously waited for 10 days, and to check the fetal heart. The last time the biochemical so this time a bit worried about every day, pay special attention at home, do not stay up late, each inspection are to do, the normal value of NT for 12 weeks, baby development good still too large for one week, 16 weeks of Tang screen is also normal, 20 weeks of age in the county the hospital has done a 2 dimensional display abnormal row, the heart has strong echo spot, Baidu, many people have this, I will relax.

24 weeks to go downtown to do 4 dimensional abnormal row, doom is from the beginning, B Ultrasound when I asked the doctor spot there is no problem, finally finished B Ultrasound, the doctor told me that there is a more serious problem than the spot, the left ventricle of the fetus, 1.11, but the doctor said not less than 1.5 considering the problem of hydrocephalus, many later absorbed, after coming out all kinds of Baidu, see people than I am wide are absorbed, the mentality of good, think of me after one month later may be absorbed, online say 28 to 32 weeks is the absorption peak, the doctor suggested NMR, I can check, there is no thinking about magnetic radiation, then every day at home and try to make yourself feel good, their feelings directly affect children.

Every day at the mobile phone in the number of weeks to live, hope the time can come on, to review when has been absorbed, until finally 30 weeks, specially for the hospital to check the acquaintance let B Ultrasound director, director of very carefully to my inspection, measurement, and then tell me 10.9 a small angle, heard that absorbed immediately, tell the good news to the husband, while absorbing a little but absorption is always a good thing, and the director said that a very small angle, basic notice.

A month after the 34 week of pregnancy, let the doctor opened B Ultrasound to review, the review of my thinking absorption went to shoot a pregnant woman, her boss did not shoot, this must be a director of B Ultrasound, gave me a look, said the 1.13, but also widened, and the range is not an angle obviously, a large, suggested that I go directly to the hospital to do NMR, serious really makes me feel things, and then go to the city to do the film, NMR, out to see Department of gynaecology, Department of Neurosurgery, the surgeon directly is not recommended, that is not a wider problem, but no brain development is good, the left brain atrophy is very serious, just born possibility of a problem is very large, out of the office door, the husband shoulder crying.

We did not give up and went to the city a hospital to see the film director, read directly after the hospital said it is rare to find such a case, including our province are rare, let me go to the famous prenatal hospital, Hunan Xiangya Hospital, find a certain professor, then in the online pre appointment expert, and the film B Ultrasound gave her, she suggested that we go to the hospital to do a film with 5 of the expert consultation, just a few years husband class in Hunan, directly to the film to express the friends there, let him take us to the hospital consultation is started at 4 in the afternoon, I anxiously waiting at home, looking forward to they can tell the child I can be, the children born after treatment, no problem, wait until eight pm for her husband to come back and tell me the result, give me 15 consultation results, unanimously recommended to give up, Abnormal fetal brain development, his friends are afraid I can not stand, the results do not tell me directly see the results, cried a night night, stroking in the belly of Huan baby, 3 hospitals, even if there is a problem can not tell me what to be, I will leave the baby, though I really want a daughter, but now as long as healthy, others are not important, however, MRI had so many problems, we snuggle in bed silently tears, quietly stroked the baby, we finally chose to give up