Want to let the baby long sleek, the small meatball to eat, add material not only iron also calcium

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Want to let the baby long sleek, the small meatball to eat, add material not only iron also calcium

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The nutritionist mother carefully matches

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No longer worry about the baby eating

Beef nutrition is particularly rich, high quality protein and iron content is very high. But only I have pains is how to do,It's easier to chew.

Beef stew or soup fiber is very hard, sometimes half is uncertain, not cooked beef is not only difficult to chew and no taste, a little baby chewing two mouth spit again however zaoxin! thereforeEvery time I eat beef, it feels like a huge project.

My favorite is to make beef balls, the machine can easily break the tough fiber, and then add starch, stirring, but also unique toughness,Good chewing and loss of taste, the key is super simple well!Today, I made a little cheese with my little balls. I was so happy! A look at the O (a _ U) O

Nutrient analysis

Beef is different from other kinds of meat,The protein is rich, and the effect of iron supplementation is better,Carrots are rich in carotene, this kind of collocation is moreImproves your baby's resistance.

But beef is difficult to chew, and it's easier for babies to digest if they suffer from how they make it! As delicate as todaySausage, meat soft, easier to digest and absorb.Different months of age how to eat beef, do not understand the mother, you can refer to my previous article, click here to see.


Reference age: 12 months or more

Ingredients: beef 150g, carrot 20g, cheese 15g, starch 20g, egg 1, onion amount, ginger amount

Cooking time: 30 minutes

Difficulty analysis: Junior

1. cut beef into small pieces.

Fresh beef bought a little too hard and soft, fiber is not good, I usually let the butcher sister to help me cut back.

If I have to buy back its own cut, recommended to put a freeze in hours, forming a better treatment of slightly! The cut here is for better polishing into fine mud. It doesn't require much size or texture!

2. carrots peeled and planed.

3. first and then shred ginger mince.

Beef iron content is very high, eat the smell of pork than a little bigger, add a little onion, ginger go in, you can go fishy smell greasy. It is no problem to try some vegetables when you are over one year old!

The 4. section then mince shallot.

5., beef, carrots, silk, onions, ginger and put it into the cooking machine.

6. beat it into mud.

7. into an egg, stir clockwise to the egg to absorb all meat oh!

8. add the starch and continue to stir in one direction along, mixing status should be like pick up will not drop moving picture.

This kind of thick filling, the moisture content is quite, the taste is very good, very tender, will not choke, compares the pure solid meat ball to let the baby like.

9. take a small spoon meat on the palm of the hand, with a spoon gently compressed, diced into cheese, wrapped it!

Worry about sticky hands, warm water in the palm of your hand.

10. do the ball on the plate.

11. boil the water in the pot and put in the beef balls.

Put the meat into the pot and put the spoon in the water, so that the meat ball won't stick to the spoon! I have suggested that iron spoon (a _ U) O O

With homemade tomato sauce, it's more delicious ~ click on the blue word to see,Homemade ketchupPractices!

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