Foot and mouth disease to need vigilant mother noble peak

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Foot and mouth disease to need vigilant mother noble peak

2017-05-20 01:50:35 60 ℃

In May, HFMD appeared in many parts of the country

The 5-8 month of the year is the highest incidence of hand foot and mouth disease throughout the country! Children around the hospital admissions of hand, foot and mouth disease increased significantly, some kindergartens closed due to illness.

Hand foot mouth high incidence

Recently a lot of Baba Mama afraid of their own baby move, for fear of severe hand foot mouth, afraid of being infectious and other baby, not to tangle beater foot and mouth vaccine at their own expense......

If G please friends: Guangdong No.2 People's Hospital, pediatric physician Zhu Wei to share [HFMD period, you must know these things! Early prevention, good morning heart!

1, what is the hand, foot and mouth?

Hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) is an acute infectious disease caused by enterovirus infection. It is characterized by papules, or herpes zoster in the hands, feet and mouth. It is called hand foot mouth disease (HFMD). Common in children under 5 years of age.

What are the conditions for medical treatment?

If the parents found the child palms, soles of the feet, anus, and small mouth herpes, small ulcers, or children accompanied by fever, irritability or small baby slobber, antifeedant, poor spirit etc., should be timely treatment.

2, hand, foot and mouth disease rash features?

Hand, foot and mouth disease rash mainly in the hands, feet, mouth and elbow, knees and buttocks, and a small number of systemic rash. Typical skin lesions are oval blisters with a blush around them. Can also be manifested as papules, herpes. Rash can be a few to dozens of, no itching, occasional pain. Usually subside on 5-7 days without scarring.

Oral mucosal ulceration in scattered herpes or ulceration, baby crying, mouth pain, antifeedant, oral ulcer for about 1 weeks to heal. Some babies may have a fever, cough, runny nose, the symptoms of nausea and vomiting. Typical hand foot and mouth disease can be diagnosed by hand and foot rashes, symptoms of sores or sores in the mouth cavity.

3, hand, foot and mouth disease serious?

Hand, foot and mouth disease, the vast majority of children in the 1 weeks after the onset of spontaneous relief,A small number of patients develop severe diseases, such as meningitis, encephalitis, myelitis, pulmonary hemorrhage, pulmonary edema and circulatory failure. The critical cases are progressing rapidly and the mortality rate is high.

There are more than 20 enteric viruses causing hand, foot and mouth disease, of which Coxsackie virus type A16 (Cox A16) and enterovirus 71 (EV71) are the most common.EV71 is the leading cause of severe hand foot and mouth disease, especially in cases of death. (if G: so timely vaccination HFMD vaccine is important.)

Is it necessary to examine the etiology of hand, foot and mouth disease virus?

Some babies are not very typical of rash or rash is hidden, it should further etiological detection, from the mouth of the baby take some slobber swallow swab or detection of pathogen detection by anal swab, positive results combined with clinical symptoms can be diagnosed.

If enterovirus 71 (EV71) is infected, doctors will pay special attention to it.

What could be severe hand, foot and mouth disease?

Persistent hyperthermiaThe axillary temperature is above 39 centigrade, and the effect of routine antipyretic is poor;

Neurologic manifestations: poor spirit, vomiting, easily frightened, limb shaking, weakness, stand or sit instability, convulsions, coma;

Abnormal breathingRapid, slow, or irregular respiration; pink or bloody frothy sputum;

Circulatory failure: cold sweats, cold extremities, skin pattern, pallor, cyanosis, [g n] (Qing Zi), heart rate, blood pressure rise or fall;

OtherThe WBC count of peripheral blood increased obviously and the blood sugar increased;

Pay attention to observation, if the above-mentioned severe symptoms may be severe hand, foot and mouth disease, need to immediately take the child to the hospital for further consultation, the doctor for the baby's condition to further judge and deal with. According to the doctor's advice, decide whether to stay in the hospital for observation or hospitalization.

4, how to care for hand, foot and mouth disease?

Hand, foot and mouth disease is a self - limiting disease. It can heal itself in 5~7 days without complications.

There is no specific antiviral against the hand, foot and mouth disease virus. Children with mild diseases only need symptomatic treatment in clinic. If children have fever, they should be treated with fever. If children have dehydration, they may need additional fluids.

Some children with oral herpes pain, possible antifeedant, eating nutritious and digestible liquid or semi liquid, such as milk, porridge, noodles, etc.. Don't eat too hot, spicy food, some cool fluids may be better to accept. To ensure adequate intake of fluids, children over 6 months are advised to drink more water.

Strengthen oral care, after eating, you can rinse with dilute salt water, keep the skin clean.

Why do you have brothers and feet?

Hand, foot and mouth diseaseFecal mouthTransmission (very thin Si fear, oh) with the patient in close contact and respiratory droplets, children can infect each other causing local prevalence in the kindergarten, the family may also spread the infection in adults, but usually mild symptoms.

Contact with hand, foot and mouth disease, the baby's skin, sneezing droplets, fecal excretion, and viruses contaminated towels, toys and other items may spread hand, foot and mouth disease.

Can I have it later?

Who had HFMD children, there may be suffering from foot and mouth disease again, because of foot and mouth disease caused by a variety of viruses, had a foot and mouth, on which a virus have immunity, but no immunity against other viruses infected with other viruses, next time, still can be infected again.

Hand, foot and mouth disease is highly contagious, children suffering from hand, foot and mouth disease, should be suspended to kindergarten or school, to avoid infection to others, but also to prevent the baby from other diseases.

5, how to prevent hand, foot and mouth disease?

Disease prevention experts summed up into five words: "the Scriptures to wash their hands, often drink boiling water, eat cooked food, ventilation, drying clothing, parents should help children to do.

It is important to emphasize washing hands before meals and to wash your hands more often when you eat your fingers. Adults also need to be careful with their hands before feeding their children. The family that mainly raises the baby must pay attention to hygiene, wash hands frequently, use soap carefully, rub and rinse.

If there are many young children at home, try to separate tableware and towels, not public; to keep home, classrooms and other places of health, regular ventilation.

Regular cleaning, boiling and disinfection of toys, water cups, towels, tableware and so on.

The high incidence of foot and mouth disease, to avoid children to the densely populated places, crowded air circulation, especially avoid other are fever or rash diseases in children exposed, to reduce the risk of infection in children.

6, do you want to have a hand, foot and mouth vaccine?

Vaccination against enterovirus 71, commonly known as hand, foot and mouth vaccine, is the most economical and effective way to prevent hand, foot and mouth disease.

EV71 vaccine is a vaccine developed independently by our country. EV71 is the main cause of severe hand foot and mouth disease, especially in death cases. Therefore, it is advisable to give EV71 vaccine to children between 6 months and 5 years old, which can effectively reduce severe mortality.

The China Center for Disease Control and prevention, in the technical guidelines for the use of enterovirus 71 inactivated vaccines, recommends that the vaccine be targeted atMore than June ageSusceptible children, the sooner the better the vaccination.

Vaccination procedures are encouraged to be completed before 12 month old so as to protect them as soon as possible. For children over 5 years of age, vaccination is not recommended.

The basal immunity is 2 times, and the interval is 1 months. Known to be allergic to any component of the EV71 hand, foot and mouth disease vaccine, fever, acute disease patients and patients with acute attacks of chronic diseases are not allowed to be vaccinated.

What are the possible responses to hand, foot and mouth vaccine?

After vaccination, may cause local reactions such as redness, itching throat inoculation site, to a lesser extent can be relieved, systemic reactions mainly include abdominal pain, diarrhea, anorexia, fever, nausea, vomiting, irritability, was transient, parents need not worry too much, will soon recover.

Do you have to vaccinate your hands and feet?

Hand, foot and mouth disease can be caused by a variety of human enteroviruses, such as EV71, CAV16, etc.. If the past HFMD is clearly caused by the EV71 virus, there will be no need for the EV71 vaccine. If hand foot and mouth disease is caused by other enteroviruses, not caused by the EV71 virus, or without etiological diagnosis (not knowing what kind of virus was caused last time), EV71 vaccine is available.

Vaccination with EV71 vaccine can effectively prevent hand, foot and mouth disease caused by EV71 virus infection, but it can not prevent HFMD caused by other enterovirus infections. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to personal hygiene.

Hand to mouth vaccination hints

EV71 vaccine belongs to the second type of vaccine, voluntary vaccination with vaccination at their own expense, the wishes of the parents can take their children to the local disease prevention and control center for consultation and vaccination (all prices, at about 2, about 300 a).

The author is Guangdong No.2 People's Hospital, chief physician of Pediatrics, Zhu Wei

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