83 years, mother talk about pregnancy experience, to share some experience

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83 years, mother talk about pregnancy experience, to share some experience

2017-05-20 01:51:03 53 ℃

Ladies and gentlemen who are pregnant and pregnant, thank you for posting regularly to share your experiences in pregnancy, failure and success! David tested early pregnancy today as a weak positive, hoping that he would be lucky! Also hope to share some symptoms.


Let's talk about the situation first:

The first 83 years of pregnancy:

By the end of 2015 the marriage began to prepare pregnant ovulation test paper, eating beans, red dates, Jiang Tang feet, prepare pregnant after half a year without giving up, began to eat folic acid from pregnancy until now.

Beginning in the second half of 2016, I do not remember my day when I came to my aunt. My husband reminded me that I would come to my aunt and remember to bring my aunt's towel.

In April 7, 2017 12, my aunt, my aunt go, probably around April 20th there have been two times again, after not the same room. (my aunt's date was extrapolated by her husband's memory. It was basically accurate. I calculated the same love.)

May 8th did not come to aunt, did not care, because most of the previous delay 7 days, are running to the hospital after pumping blood, and then second days aunt, aunt aunt is simply artifact. 9 days and 10 days respectively in early pregnancy Xiuer paper are weak Yang very faint, but there is a little bit deeper. Early paper is online shopping, listen to a lot of prepared pregnant mother said Xiuer Ye Hu with India, so to see the light when printing no excitement, but is nervous.

Symptoms: not everyone said chest pain, chest up, these two days is a little sleepy, but also dare not set symptoms, because I was often sleepy before, these two days at noon will nap.

I bought David's early pregnancy paper at the drugstore in the morning of May 11th, a light pink color. I hope I can make it this time! It's not hu! If you expect your child to be healthy! I hope you all have a good pregnancy!


May 15th record:

For the first time, I can't find my answer, so I'll edit it here.

Thank you for all the blessings! Good luck in everybody's palace! Baby health born! Thanks to limited energy, no reply, thanks!

Tell me about the last few days

The official confirmed the pregnancy! May 12th (Friday) is really unable to help, ran to the nearby hospital blood test HCG, the doctor looked, said that these days the value is normal, to 50 days to do B ultrasound, see intrauterine or ectopic.

Pregnancy Test Kit


Sleep: every day is very sleepy, and compared with the pre pregnant sleepy, this kind of sleepy is unable to open his eyes, is must take a nap, at night after dinner is sleepy. Lying flat, lying side will be comfortable, sleeping on the stomach is very uncomfortable.

Diet: the mouth is tasteless, there is no particular want to eat food, lips are dry, has been constantly want to drink water.

Cosmetics: Today ordered a set of cosmetics, Qingdao did not sell, the Estee Lauder change. Asked a few babies have friends, say Estee Lauder is best not to use, but foreign counter said nothing, anyway, some kink, or change it.

Fruit: pitaya, kiwi, durian, sweet melon.

Loose clothing: go to the hospital for blood, Friday wearing a low cut jeans, the feeling is always holding the stomach, very uncomfortable.

Other: no reflection, no pain in the chest, no ups.