The boy with the movement control standard, this is the original with the boy!

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The boy with the movement control standard, this is the original with the boy!

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The boy with the movement control standard, this is the original with the boy!

The direction of movement

Fetal movement, the beginning of motion is very weak, once, but most of the time like to the left of May is a boy, now is with somersault like, and serial leg, East West, doubt he will eventually grow a few hands, this time are generally boy oh.

Male left female, has been respected by everyone. In the movement, has a similar tradition! If fetal movement is always on the right side of the word is a girl. The movement always appear on the left side, it indicates that would give birth to a boy. The boy is like a small animal movement back and forth on shaking piliform or for a moment, here a moment to feel there.

The movement time

No sooner is the boy, because the boy is restless. It is late and the girl, because the girl is quiet. Pregnant women often feel fetal movement in 20 weeks, if the advance heralds the movement, the probability of a boy big. If after 20 weeks, while pregnant may be a boy.

The feeling of movement

The boy is more powerful movement

Boys usually force than girls, girls more quiet, gentle. So, it is more powerful, and frequently is a boy. And more quiet is a girl. However, is worth noting, frequent fetal movement and accompanied by abdominal pain, attract the attention of the pregnant mother Oh! So, in daily life must good habit of several movements, if the abnormality was found, be sure to even go to the hospital for treatment.

Take the degree of fetal movement

Your drum is small boy

In the movement of time, pregnant women will see your stomach will have the bag, big and small, very interesting. But do not look at this packet, learning can be a big it! According to the experience, the drum may be a big bag of girls, the bag is likely to be a boy. Male baby drum package, just like his little fist or feet at the top of your belly. Pregnant mother can look carefully!

Fetal movement and the baby's personality and development status, of course, and gender also certain relationship but not absolute Oh ~ in fact the baby's gender have been formed in the first. Therefore, quasi Mother Ann hearts of child support waiting for the baby birth, fetal movement and the baby's gender argument can be as a pastime gossip, no need to keep in mind too to avoid thinking too much oh ~