Secretly tell you: the baby was born with the 7 characteristics on behalf of his more intelligent!

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Secretly tell you: the baby was born with the 7 characteristics on behalf of his more intelligent!

2016-07-22 05:13:50 345 ℃

Love laughing baby

Medical experts at the University of Washington in the United States to study the relationship between age and wisdom in a systematic way to come to the conclusion: love to laugh more clever children. They have observed that smart children are more often at the age of the outside world than the average child.

For the baby, the smile is also related to the nutritional status. Pediatricians observed, some baby face serious, stiff facial expression, rarely laugh, per hour only laugh 1-2 times, study its foundation is unexpectedly because of a lack of iron in the body.

Although this is not a complete sign, it is a symbol. Babies who start laughing very early often become bright and lively children.

At the same time, people laughing facial muscle movement, chest, abdominal muscles involved in resonance can be of various organs to exercise and massage function, so smile more child physique more robust.

Weight of the baby

British Medical Research Association has conducted a follow-up survey of 3900 men and women, the results show that the birth weight is proportional to the intelligence, that is, the more you grow up when the more intelligent. China has also conducted the same research, the conclusion is consistent.

Of course, the newborn's weight is not the heavier the better, more than 4 kg that is huge, so that not only affects the birth, but also damage the baby's health, general control in 5-7 pounds is normal.

So Chinese pay attention to "a big fat guy" is not unreasonable.

Love to imitate the baby

When the newborn in a quiet state of awakening, distance from the newborn face 20 ~ 25 cm, let him look at your face. First of all, stick out your tongue, 1 times every few seconds, slowly repeat this action, and then stop, you will find that he will follow you to do.

Because the newborn has the ability to imitate the adult facial expressions. It is understood that 8 hours of birth, babies can imitate mother tongue, will imitate pout, smile and sadness.

So treasure treasure Mom Dad might as well and Andy new active communication, often in front of the neonatal do some action, from the simple to the complex, improve his ability to imitate, to the intellectual development of neonates.

Baby love to see things

Perception is the first appearance in the psychological development of infants, and the visual perception is an important part of the perception.

Babies like to look at things, especially on the books, bright colors, such as red or black and white target chart, bar charts, characters, and so on. He especially liked to look at the faces, especially the mother's smile.

Living in a suitable visual stimulation environment, will lay a good foundation for their perception and cognitive development. Therefore, mother often consciously let the baby look at his face, bent over the baby to speak, call his name or a smile, while constantly changing the perspective of watching. "Eyes" can convey the mother to the child's love, enhance the feelings of the mother and child.

Sensitive baby

Newborns can accurately identify the taste, for salty, bitter, sour taste will have an unpleasant expression. When the smell is a kind of smell, the heart rate to speed up, the amount of change in the activity of the reaction.

He can tell the difference between his mother and his milk. In a state of good, he will stare at you smile, suck his hand or hold the hand of the conversation.

No wonder in ancient times when the mother gave birth to a child has to personally hold, otherwise the child is not close to the statement, a sensitive, quick response of the baby is often very smart, this is a gift.

Children like to play with the little things

If you observe carefully, you will find the baby after getting things like to knock, feel the hand of the ring will not ring for a hand to knock again. The baby is very love on things, regardless of what things get, should be used to knock.

The baby to grasp the small things very interested, he held the bottle well, may also will use fingers to pick something up, things from one hand to the other hand, would hold, shaking, push, pull, squeeze, and throwing near the baby's things. When he was holding a toy in his hand, he would shake it with his hand, or throw it on the ground, listening to the sound of the toy.

This kind of child's action development and brain development are more excellent.

Sensitive baby

Some of the children born after more alert than other children. Some children can own a person's head is very high, like want to understand everything around, on the week of things have a strong curiosity.

A quick and sensitive child will be very smart. Parents will feel when they hold their children. Some children will deliberately avoid a thing when they see something, which means that he can tell what will make him happy and what is not. At this time the child has a psychological activity.