To distinguish male and female students body real experience to share, oh well

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To distinguish male and female students body real experience to share, oh well

2016-07-22 05:13:55 450 ℃

A lot of expectant mothers and fathers are eager to know the baby in the belly is male is female? Although the boys and girls in today's young people heart is the same, but strong curiosity is still associated with the entire pregnancy, then we have to teach you some of the judge for a baby boy and baby girl for quasi dad, mom.

1 with the baby after the birth of a baby will be born of a boy, no spot is born female.

2 in addition to other parts of the abdomen is not fat is the other parts of the mother is a boy, or is a girl.

3 pregnant women into the stomach into a convex shape, easy to give birth to the boy; into a round shape, easy to give birth to a girl.

4 pregnant women after pregnancy, the skin of pregnant woman is born male characteristics; pregnant women, the skin color is not the same, is the birth of a female.

5 mothers pregnancy after the navel above the navel straight, fine, direct between the two milk for men, and vice versa.

6 pregnant after the first step the right foot to walk often, many boys, on the other hand, left the first step the right foot, easy girl.

7 pregnant women ruddy, such as ripe peach, easy girl; mothers face Huang Ming ruddy, prone boy.

8 after pregnancy, the mother of the nose into a large male, unchanged for the female; after pregnancy, the mother turned ugly for the male, become beautiful as a female.

9 pregnant women in long, straight and clear, and the boys; if people in short, shallow, outline is not clear, easy girl.

10 less than four months pregnant belly button eye bulge, mostly for boys; the navel eye with time slowly raised, easy to have a girl.

11 late pregnancy from the back, do not see the pregnancy, action is very light, flexible action for the male, the body bulky, slow action for the female.

12 pregnant women, the palm of your hand to see the boys and girls, if the right palm than the left palm hair green, is a boy, on the contrary, it is easy to give birth to a girl.

13 pregnant mothers rear foot swelling is a boy, the girl is pregnant belly swollen feet; soft girl is male character, hard belly.

14. The pregnant mother pregnant nipple color black boys, and nipple color lighter for girls; quasi mother on the left side of the breast than the right breast is female and vice versa for the male.

15. Pregnant women do not get up in the morning to drink water, wash your face, the tears hall color to discern whether male or female, if right tears hall than left tear hall pale, easy to give birth to a boy; on the contrary, left tears of the church than right tear hall color blue, it is easy to give birth to a girl.

The characteristics of some quasi mother and the body of the male nubao, hurry to compare!