You do not know the benefits of the 2 oats, the baby to eat it?

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You do not know the benefits of the 2 oats, the baby to eat it?

2016-07-22 05:14:52 366 ℃

As a mother, the greatest wish is to eat good baby, good health. It has such a wish, wish all the mother stuffed into the baby's body nutrition. In the growth and development of the baby, oats are rich in nutrients in the food, but also easy to digest and absorb the baby, the baby "food" friends. So, do you know what it's good for your baby to eat oats? How to eat it?

What are the benefits of oats to your baby?

0-3 year old is the key period of the baby, but also the greatest period of physiological changes in children, the need for a large number of nutrients, oats is one of the ideal food. To say the benefits of oats, it is a basket, but on the baby's stomach good, you know?

Oats vitamin B family help children's attention. Oats contain rich in vitamin B family, and among other grain products, especially vitamin B1, can make up the rice fine surface lost in processing of large amounts of B vitamins. Moreover, the lack of vitamin B1, the baby will be the focus of attention and memory of poor condition. So, mom might as well as oats as one of the ingredients to supplement vitamin B1 baby oh.

Fruit fiber + corn fiber, is conducive to the health of the baby intestinal. Children's intestinal problems often troubled mothers, and intestinal health for the baby to absorb nutrients is very important, in the process of nutrition, the choice of baby easy to digest food becomes especially important. Oats contain non soluble fiber, helps the digestion of the baby's stomach, can prevent the occurrence of baby constipation. And oats also contain fructose derivatives of polysaccharides, can be directly used by the human body. All kinds of nutritional elements are beneficial to the baby, not just the baby's "food" friends.

Eat a good mood, oats how to eat?

At the stage of complementary feeding, baby age moon is still relatively small, gastrointestinal function not development, when my mother can the oats to immerse themselves in water to soak a little longer to eat, or porridge, or beaten pulp, this is more beneficial to the baby to swallow. And when feeding oats do not add salt and sugar, at least until after the baby 1 years old, before they can put a small amount of salt.

Some mothers may feel the need to cook is not convenient, might as well choose Heinz puree juice oat series, muddy fits well with the baby food digestion characteristics and puree juice is a rich fruits and natural coarse grain oats mix, which contains fruit fiber and corn fiber, helps the baby to digest. And, Heinz juice mud oats series does not add preservatives and pigment, rest assured that the baby to eat good nutrition.

If it is a month old baby, digestive function is slightly better, can be paired with fruit, nuts, milk and so on to produce a delicious fruit milk oats oh. In the home based on the homemade milk oats to increase the growth of the human body of bananas and apples, these two ingredients will help to improve the immune system. Milk is the human calcium collocation of oat, delicious and nutritious.

Or made of vegetable corn porridge, worthy of this when the comprehensive nutrition. In addition to join a variety of vegetables, also joined the other coarse grains, flour and rice served with such collocation for the baby constipation is the most effective the.