This time, the record of the Harvard University, one hundred million times to listen to the professor in person to tell the story of the child

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This time, the record of the Harvard University, one hundred million times to listen to the professor in person to tell the story of the child

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In the United States, there is a 1636 establishment, is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the world's elite, called harvard. It is called "the talent gathering place", "the highest institution of the world", the "dream school" in the eyes of the parents ".

Each year, more than 2000 students can enter the school to study, while the applicants are more than 30 thousand, the admission rate of more than 6%, is the world's most difficult to enter the school. Dream to go to Harvard to school, but also countless.

In order to allow more people to share the wisdom of crystallization, Harvard University launched a public course project.

The first one, that is, "the most popular Professor," Michael Sander's "just" class. To constantly ask questions, answer, refute, and then ask the way to stimulate students to carry out critical thinking and moral reasoning.

Rhodes is a Sandel scholar, academician of the United States, and a famous philosopher. This course so far, more than 14000 students have been reading, for many years to become the largest number of registered class of Harvard University. In the fall of 2007, there were 1115 students who chose the course, setting a historical record of the Harvard University.

The autumn of 2009, Harvard University launched the open course project is also the first course. On the Internet, Michael Sander's "just" class has millions of people to learn, played more than one hundred million times, to become a milestone in the educational sector events.

However, this is for college students and have a certain degree of knowledge of adults.

So, it is not possible to put such a good education, but also brought together to each child and family?

Must have! That is the story and how to tell the story.

Sandel and his wife, the envy of the life partner, they are teaching at Harvard, Sandel teaches political philosophy, and MS Adado teaches pop culture and art. They raised two sons, Adam and Aaron, who liked to listen to stories and listened to their mother's stories.

Qi library is the master of the story. One night, three year old Aaron said to her, "please tell us a story about a wild animal."." Qi library began compiling: there is a beast to be called Babayang he came to distant Sharma belma's Island, the island has many magical creatures.

Babao originally is a ferocious beast, roaring sound earth shattering, but having to travel partner help him find happy roaring, taught him to live in peace and harmony.

The story was not finished that night. The children like to listen to, every day before I go to bed and asked what Babayang later experienced.

So as in the 1001 nights as, night after night, she continued the story, children also do not want to just do a quiet audience, they often make plans, discuss the story what's next development, his favorite role to compile the new adventures, such as the island was invaded the, Babayang encountered a larger monster......

"I can listen to them all the way through the night and hear them laughing, arguing, demanding new characters, new adventures, and these are the most pleasant memories." Sandel said.

This story has been about four years, and it has become an important part of the two boys. Until they grow up, the magic of the night is over, they no longer need bedtime story, but began to read their own. Then one day, Qi library suddenly melancholy with a thought, want to write this story. So she sat on a soft, big sofa, and kept on writing, writing a story about wild animals and changing.

The story is not long, and written in very simple, deliberately left many branches extended space, imagination and interpretation of the reader's invitation. "Of course I can write very fine, tell the reader Babayangdou in want to what, but I feel good story should have space which allows the reader to participate, so that their art and moral imagination can be awakened."

"In today's world, the most traditional oral storytelling traditions have been lost. But I like oral tradition in that kind of strong interactivity, you tell a story, and I put the story to another person, every time reporting story happened a little change. Everyone is an expert, everyone is an interpreter, just like the "just" class, just like many years ago, I and my children were dimming the lights, telling stories in a quiet bedroom telling a bedtime story. In this particular period of time, parents and children will exchange, imagine, think and dream."

"To tell stories, to discover, to make the story a part of our lives, but also to think about the story of your personal, for your life, what kind of meaning"Said Michael Sander.". He was his wife's picture book written introduction to the readout -- Babayang and magic star Reading manual imagination ", one of the predetermined target is the" stimulate children's moral imagination, to encourage children to participate in the debate on moral and fair dialogue ". This is the most important, this book is different from other books where is its ultimate significance.

By telling stories, children learn to discuss big problems. When they grow up, as citizens to participate in public life, they will face these big problems - "what is justice, how to do it correctly, how to be a citizen".

* do you think what Babayang long?

* why do you think the stars Babayang save the queen?

* Babayang roar from the fierce become happy, what this means......

"Babayang encourage children all over the world to join Babayang story Kingdom, to tell the story, to find, let the story be able to become a part of our lives, but also thinking of the story to you personally, for your life is what kind of meaning." Sandel said, "when you think of a story about what it means to you, the story will have life."

Babayang the story like a seed, we put seed is thrown into the wind, do not know where, also don't know what the president. Everything is in the hands of readers. "Babayang stories program in" let their children in reading and the extension of the humanities and arts activities to expand their horizons, to nourish your soul, the perfect personality, to develop healthy and happy self.