Summer heat wave struck, high temperature days in the streets of these things do not let your baby touch!

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Summer heat wave struck, high temperature days in the streets of these things do not let your baby touch!

2016-07-22 05:25:04 283 ℃

There have been a few days officially entered the dog days, days of high temperatures and the sun baked the person simply can't keep my eyes open!

Such a high temperature days, or everyone with the baby at home blowing air conditioning, either, is moving to the air-conditioned room on the road. But no matter how to say, to the weekend days, no matter how hot it is outside, nonetheless still took the baby out grounded and circulate.

Such a turn, it is easy to have an accident! Since entering the summer, there have been a number of hospitals have received burns baby! It is fantastic, burn them turned out to be some of the roadside very ordinary things......

Today, the king of the king on the use of data to tell you, the high temperature days, these things on the road is absolutely not allow children to touch!

Lies prone Jun is located in the city today 36 DEG C, figure is not considered in summer in the city in the heat of the day, but out of a will by the sun to sun scurrying around. The prince walked out of the house at ten in the morning, and then with the instrument on the measuring temperature on the street.

High temperature objects one: car body

Temperature: 70!

Walking on the road, the car can be seen everywhere in the summer of the most common bomb. Whether the child locked in the car, or the child accidentally hit the body, there are likely to be very serious consequences! Lie on the king and a children's hospital doctor talked about this thing, the results he said, because the summer is not accidentally hit the car body and burned children are not in a few!

High temperature object four: shake the car and other amusement park equipment

Temperature: 66.4

Absolutely did not expect that, in fact, for the children, the most dangerous is actually the most favorite play of recreational facilities! What shook his car, slide, strange plate...... In the summer sun exposure, how high the temperature of these recreational facilities?

66.4 degrees c!!!

Moreover, the ground temperature of the amusement park is actually higher than the temperature on the road! Looks like the green color of the ground, in fact, the temperature will be as high as 54! This is the ten point in the 36 C in the morning to measure the temperature, it can be imagined to two points, the hottest day of the day, there will be more hot!

It is no exaggeration to said children naughty by nature, if you run out of play, easily in the days are usually very playful recreation facilities to burn!

Dear parents, above these absolutely do not touch the thing to remember clearly? High temperature days, be sure to stay away from them!

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