Pediatrician interpretation: summer because the temperature difference is too large to trigger a child cold recipe

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Pediatrician interpretation: summer because the temperature difference is too large to trigger a child cold recipe

2016-07-21 01:54:13 417 ℃

Summer, hot weather, indoor and outdoor temperature difference is too large, very easy to cause the cold is caused due to the cold, so the parents usually have to observe carefully, at any time to touch baby's hands. If the baby's hands are cold, that cold, to add clothes, drink some warm boiling water.

If your baby's hands are still not warm, you should take the following methods in time:

Less than 1 year old baby drink brown sugar water. Brown sugar water temperature, you can remove the cold.

More than 1 years old baby can be in the brown sugar water add a dollar coin size of ginger, 3 years old cut two pieces.

The night before the baby feet with warm water, until the baby's forehead with sweat. Paowan feet, drink some warm boiling water, go to bed early.

The bed can be across the clothes in the baby's back on the rub, rub back will also can rise to prevent colds. If the baby has a mild nasal obstruction, can be his small ear rub rub red, which is also good for the treatment of nasal obstruction.

2. Some children cold early symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, baby is often frequent spits, parents can do the following treatment:

1 year old baby empty stomach drink brown sugar, egg soup. The specific approach is: put the egg in the bowl. Then enlarge the half bowl of water in a pot, add a teaspoon of sugar, boiled brown sugar water poured into the egg bowl. The brown sugar Egg & vegetable soup can Quhan Nuanwei, and gastric mucosa, intestinal mucosal nutrition, but also conducive to digestion and absorption. After the baby spit or pull out a bowl of warm hot egg soup, generally can be effective. If after the baby spat or and pulled, indicating that heavier chill of the baby, then give the baby to feed a, most can be ease soon. More than 1 year old baby in the soup with a slice of ginger, the ginger brown sugar water to boil after the switch to a small fire for 5 minutes, and then the ginger syrup to red eggs. The next meal for the baby to eat some light things, such as Rice porridge, noodles.

In the evening to the baby bubble feet, let him out of the sweat, and then drink plenty of warm water, a rest earlier.

Prevention of colds in children

1. Cold is the key to the prevention of influenza prevention

The folk have a saying: "if the baby, often with three points of hunger and cold." Why the baby wear relatively less can not sick? That is because the children in the process of growth and development, metabolism is very active, and child like sports, if wear too much easy to sweat, sweat pores open, if encounter cold, is likely to result in a cold. And the baby appropriate to wear less, feeling some cold, the body's pores are contracted, closed, not easy to sweat after exercise. Because the pores are in a closed state, the cold air is difficult to invade the body, the damage to the body is not too large. Baby usually will make a few sneezing, runny nose, then as long as the baby to drink some warm water, avoid direct hair, symptoms will soon be able to ease.

The baby catch cold due in large part to kick the quilt caused by sleep at night. We arm has two meridians, a call of hand Taiyin lung meridian, a call to the large intestine meridian of hand, they even lungs, trachea, throat, nose and other organs. While the baby is asleep, always handle and arms to reach outside the quilt, so naturally cold. Long term runny nose caused chronic rhinitis baby, 90% is because sleep at night in the cold arm quilt caused.

Therefore, some parents in order to prevent the children catch cold, let children wearing Maoku sweater sleep, this in order to suit a generation is the approach is wrong. Because only in the body to relax, muscle relaxation before sleep, if the child to wear clothes too much sleep, relaxation of muscles in children, is not conducive to children's blood circulation and respiration, also affect the child's sleep quality. Parents the best for the baby to sew a sleeping bag, for less than 3 years old baby, parents on both sides of the sleeping bag with a two letter mouth sleeve; above 3 years old baby can completely sleep in a sleeping bag, sleeping bag opening the side seam of the dead, the other side with two loops fixed, the next to set aside a small mouth, so that the baby can stretch out a hands to seize the adult's hand and let him so as not to feel completely hidden in the quilt and too lonely.